DaiCon 2009 day 2

Going to an event both as an exhibitor and as an official blogger was a good idea, or so I thought. Unfortunately it didn’t work out so well. It might have been possible at other conventions, but with the stage partitioned off from the booth area, this was pretty much a no go.

But never mind that. I still saw quite a bit of day 2, including the main event of DaiCon – Chihara Minori’s concert.

Day two was mostly dominated by the finals of the cosplay and karaoke competitions. I missed most of the cosplay, but I do know that Mario won the event. The karaoke was tons better than day one. Gone were the unmentionables, and there were truly a few able singers performing. The contestant I was rooting for sang the full version of Kiseki Ni Umi, which I thought she performed pretty well. It nabbed her 2nd place. First place went to a girl in pink. Unfortunately I don’t think my partner Quazacolt had time to take pictures of the prize giving (he had prior commitments, more on that later), so we’ll have to make do.

Other than that, day 2 was actually pretty ‘bleh’. Nothing much was going on, and I had already dropped by the booths on day 1. KKnM still had a queue all the way til noon, and they did some pretty brisk business. One of the game booths had BlazeBlue running on the PS3, and that attracted a crowd.

As for cosplayers that showed up, my personal favorite was the 1:1 scale Al Azif from Demonbane. I later found out she was also Yui from day 1. She’s really very cute, and because she’s so small sized (should I say, loli?), she made a lovely Al Azif. There was also an Another Blood (who came all the way from Singapore) and one more Al Azif. Due to the slight difference in wig color, we took to calling them ‘white’ and ‘purple’.

These 3 cosplayers are to blame for the lack of event photographs on day 2. Quaz, Valho and Kuzuryu actually had a shoot scheduled with them, and for most part of the day they were off God knows where snapping pics, leaving me to wallow in misery at TFM. They get the girls, I get the PVCs.

Around 2pm, the lights in the hall went off with no prior announcement. This kinda ended day 2, as nothing much could be done in the dark. TFM started packing up for one, and I heard that some other doujin booths weren’t very happy that they had to stop business. Later I heard that the lights in the hall were controlled by 2 switches, which is really LOLWUT. The lights going off did however mean that Minorin’s concert was beginning very soon… I’ll cover that in a separate post.

DaiCon was pretty much over after the concert. There was a prize giving ceremony going on for the winners of all the contests, but most booths were either packing or already gone. TFM had our traditional group shots, including one with the 1:1 scale Al Azif. Last I heard, Kuzu had fucked up on the pictures. If he really did he’s a dead man.

Final thoughts on DaiCon soon.

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  1. @Zalinski: those demonbane ones were prioritized but sadly was put on hold due to one of the cosplayer’s request D:
    fear not, as i am commenting this, im posting up the day 1 k-on photoshoot session

    @jcdish: T_T


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