00 Raiser

Gallery page of 00 Raiser:

The idea of this pose, was totally from the scenes of episode 17 and 18, the battle for Memento Mori V2. I wanted to have a cloudy/light blue backdrop, however i didnt have any at the time and considering episode 18, and the need to highlight the glowing LED twin drives, i figured why not just keep it simple with a pure black backdrop? And to me, it totally turned out fine.

Now, I’ve had it coming with “why just 1 pose?” Well, my answer to that is simple:  “I just simply love it”. The trans-am 00 Raiser system used to attack Memento Mori V2 is definitely the best pose 00 raiser had (arguebly the 00 raiser activation scene was just as good) and most definitely its strongest attack being shown thus far. And given the free limited edition Celestial Being base, i thought: “Why not?”


Hope you guys enjoy the small gallery I’ve put up. This time ill just keep the high resolutions out and if you guys would like to have them, simply contact me via msn/email available from the about/contact me page here.

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