Chinese New year Celebration Gallery

Gallery for 2009 Chinese new year celebration at my mother’s company

My thoughts on the new 450D DSLR? Simply fantastic compared to the old Canon powershot PNS camera. I get so much more control and quality, and many new functions and potential that were just impossible with the old PNS. I suppose thats a given considering i am after all comparing a PNS camera thats a few years old at least to a recently released (somewhere around Q3/4 2008?) DSLR camera.

Hopefully this will provide all i need in future anime events photo shooting. I would love to get the external flash too which is very critical when the lighting is piss poor during conventions/events (like Comic Fiesta 2008), however as my budget allocation is just a little tight for the recent months, this is just not possible for the time being. In the future though, like hopefully before the next big thing for Malaysia that is GACC2009, or even AFA2009 should they make a come back (they should be if nothing goes wrong) along with other events and happenings i will definitely make an effort to have that flash kit purchased.

As usual, if you would like to have the full resolution pictures, simply contact me via msn/email available from the about/contact me page here.

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