Yoko Rittona aka Yoko Littner

My very first ever japanese anime figurine – Enterbrain/Wafudoh ganguten’s Yoko from the hit anime series – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. At this time im still very damn noob on photoshooting, and applied the skills ive learned from my gundam model kit shots. Recycled the gallery images i took for TFM gallery, i may be updating it later with better pics. For now, enjoy Yoko sexy body as it is 🙂

HQ Full resolution pictures:

Full Yoko pose

Backshot, bra + rifle details

Close up on the face and chest
notice the well done paint job? <3
(WoW’s on the background btw, lol. Hard to do a close up with my crap tripod, so brought it to my PC table instead of my bed where the previous shots were taken from)

Another cace closeup macro capture focusing the face to add into the gallery 😀

9 thoughts on “Yoko Rittona aka Yoko Littner”

  1. @Korosu: thanks 🙂
    i actually have a ton more of those figurines but lately just didnt had the time to photoshoot/process already shot pictures to post em up >_<


  2. @lylibellule: thanks, thats my first figure too started since May 2008 (ooh 1 year anniversary) ^^

    reminded me of how long i haven’t posted up any new figure galleries OTL (some of them are even photographed XD)

    yoko was shot with PNS though so with my new DSLR, things were much… easier 😀


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