Vivendi and Blizzard debate

Lack of WoW updates recently, so i guess this will fit in. It all started with a slight EA bashing from the LYN AnimeShrine forum, or more specifically, the spamthread – late night thread. Before we all know it, it turned into a short but rather informational debate regarding vivendi, EA, and of course, blizzard.

Be warned, as the following will be an insanely huge TLDR;Wall O’ text as i will be pasting the entire debate entirely with some very minor editing to improve readability (such as spacing/paragraphs/grammars/translations etc). Dont worry though, i will be doing my best to post up a TLDR summarization for those that couldnt be bothered or just simply dont have the time to go through a huge Wall O text.

It is basically a debate between me and forum user – Dark Steno, i will be having his replies in quote while mine in italics to easily differenciate between replies. So shall we begin?

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