Sennheiser HD700 review

image source: pixiv illustrator akinbo (hyouka fuyou) page: “tits and headphones” おっぱいとヘッドホン (page is R-18 so you need to be a registered pixiv member. and yes the original un-crop image is NSFW)


I will be using a similar format/style of writing i’ve used in my previous AD900 review, however considering the rather short period i’ve got my hands on the headphone, auditioning on a laptop setup (which i only use for gath/meets TBH LOL!), i will lay out a disclaimer that this review is SOLELY of my opinion, based on what i have at the time (setup, source which are just 320kbit mp3’s as opposed to some of the FLAC rips or even DIRECT CD playback for some of the songs that i use for analytic listening)
a minor note is that i will only be using anisong for auditioning, and of course there will be a lot of comparisons with my current AD900 🙂

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