Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Earpads and Crossroads Headphone stand Modification

As mentioned briefly from the previous review post, i have made some changes on my AD900 headphones’ ear pads, and in addition to that a bit of a “ghetto modification ” to my crossroads headphone stand so that it no longer hard presses with the headphone ear pads. After all, the new ear pads are kinda pricey (say, almost MYR 300 ^^;) and i wouldn’t want it to get damaged by the very stand it rests on. I will be doing a bit of a review with the sound signature for the AD900 after the ear pads modification. It is highly recommended to read the previous review post before this as there are a lot of references and comparison from that post. The headphones definitely have quite a significant change considering the ear pads for the Audio Technica w5000 (wooden closed can) are very different than the pads of the AD900.

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