Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset

image source: Pixiv member: Ayaka

Some of you may have remembered me asking around at jaben thread (or even directly at jaben’s store lol), Audio Technica thread for an ear phone (buds, not IEM). That quest has been proven quite, tedious and futile. mainly because:

1) don’t feel like spending much for portable as i’m not really a portable person
2) i can’t have IEMs in the office in case my colleagues/boss calls for me and i can’t hear a damn thing (they are supposed to be sealed aye? else it’d defeat the very existence/meaning of IEMs)
3) need something really easy to drive (no amp required) while being relatively good on clarity (lets not forget the bass guys!) and being within the budget of rm100-200 (refer item 1, and yes I’m being cheap if you just HAVE to ask)

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