GACC 2009 Day 1

Just came back from GACC 2009 at Melaka and thanks to finishing the day 1 pictures post processing during my stay at the apartment over there, the pictures are up for your viewing pleasure at strikingly fast speeds(well, compared to the other posts here anyways LOL!). For more information of GACC, you may visit here.

To start this, first off i want to thank Philip for helping us out with various stuffs during our stay in Melaka, Razrig for inviting me over else i would most likely forfeit this GACC trip ^^, Valho and Kuzuryu for being very generous and lending their lenses for me to play with, and all the pictures you are about to see, are being shot with their lens. Lets not forget Misao for letting me to join his First day Gekisou Haruhi photoshoot, jcdish on helping out for the Day2 Haruhi/Mikuru photoshoot, and LilKev84 for treating us on a nice Nyonya dinner during our stay. Apologies in advance if i miss out anyone else.

And to roughly summarize GACC, GACC is just like any other ACG (Anime Comic Games) events, considering they do not have any special/main attraction this year unlike the previous ones where they had the seiryuu of Amuro Ray and Kurosaki Ichigo. That said, GACC is amongst the best of Malaysia’s ACG events considering their experience, and being ran by Emina, truly by fans for fans deal unlike some other events i could name of heh.

And just like other ACG events I’ve been attending (deja vu on this one?), we started out by helping Beansprout setting up his booth:

And lets not forget the obligatory taugeh silly pose:

And yeah Exiled_Gundam was not amused. The fun part of setting up beansprout’s booth is that you also get to play around with his figures, and below is a good example of it:

The expression seemed off though, as generally one would be happy being tied to a pretty girl in bikini. Then again the idea of dying for it may not be so pleasant, i guess.

Really loving this Yuki Cross from Vampire knight too, and yes, the awesomeness that is prime lens:

Later on we went to lunch and oh boy, this pizza place we went, which is only available in Melaka btw, is just, wow. The amount of cheese is like double Pizza Hut, and it tastes great! Not to mention they are using those classic thick wooden pans too, which is rare these days especially the likes of pizza hut lol. And as they say it best, a picture is worth a thousand words:

The biggest thing i really about GACC is that it’s REALLY stuffy and i sweat a lot, so it’s as if I’m totally drenched throughout the event. To make it worse i am getting a lot of comments regarding it lol. Oh wells, really hope they can get a better hall next time around. Thankfully they still have some sweet spots to relax around and below is an example of it:

Right in front of a giant air conditioner. lol.

Remember the private Haruhi photoshoot I mentioned earlier in this post? Here she is:

Well, i didn’t took that many pictures of her (or more accurately, didnt have that many good worthwhile pictures and they are being discarded) so i will settle with a mini gallery over a full page gallery which you may view below:

Full gallery for day 1 GACC is available here:

The event was rather tiring and a part of it i suppose could be due to the hall being really really stuffy 🙁
Here we see TFM member Elfenrir dozing off in a corner for the evening lol:

That’s it for Day 1 GACC 🙂 Hope you enjoy the post and pictures. Don’t forget to visit the gallery page for the full Day 1 pictures over here:

Day 2 will be coming up pretty soon i hope 😛

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7 thoughts on “GACC 2009 Day 1”

  1. @Misao: glad you like that pic too, its amongst my favorite. and that made me realize how huge of a difference a prime and kitlens is

    @philiper89: thanks for the comments ^^


  2. @Hexlord: Ah! its you who i’ve ninja’ed during GACC XD
    Didn’t even realized that you’re Hexlord until Valho introduced much later on.

    Hope i didn’t interfere you during your photoshoot that day ^^;
    And nice to meet you too 🙂


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