Goodbye World of Warcraft, Hello Starcraft II

It’s 27th July for Malaysia, and guess what, its Starcraft 2’s release date!!! And yeah, as the title shown; This is my farewell post to World of Warcraft, and a Welcoming new dawn of Starcraft 2. I have been wanting to post this like ages ago, especially if you can see the date of my World of Warcraft subscription expiry:

Not to mention including a couple of cool replay videos from the beta. Well, the lack of time, laziness, and Fraps totally killing itself when i try to Fraps during Starcraft 2 and many other little things combined resulted in this huge delay.

Anyways i will try to keep it short on the farewell posting:

Yes, it is a reality, i am quiting World of Warcraft. No joke, no troll. If you still cannot believe it, i can’t and will not bother to further justify myself. I would also like to take the opportunity to apologize to the people from WoW that i have offended, as i sincerely would prefer leaving the game in peace despite all the trolling/hating i have done in the past. Not to mention apologies to my past/present guild mates for me mistreating them despite the support they have given me, and particularly to Misko/Rommorga for leaving so soon without a proper farewell. Hope that you may forgive me to those who are concerned.

Also i would like to thank everyone who have been with me since the creation of Death Infused guild. Particularly the folks from Australia/America, especially Febji, Menchi and Chiron (hope i am getting you guys correctly ^^;)  who came all over to Malaysia to visit us, and Inter for treating us to a very luxurious dinner over at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Last but not least, everyone from the HWL group, and my PVP arena teammates (Zulivan, Rommorga, Misko, Tocsitup, Spira for being the best teammates that i can count on regardless of what i may say in the past. All of you guys have been amongst the best WoW memories i had.

While this is the end of the journey for me on WoW, it doesn’t have to end entirely right all. I can always be contacted via email, IM, or even IRL/Phone call etc. You may get all the details from my about page right here:

Man, looking back on the 5+ long years i have been with the game and even my thread over at LYN here, it’s something that no money can buy. Thank you Blizzard Entertainment, for creating such an addicting game, and all the memories it had brought to me, and i will be counting you guys in the future for Starcraft 2 too! And again, Thank you everyone in WoW for all the good times i have had. I truly, and sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart. To those i have missed out, much apologies as five years is a very long time to keep everyone in mind ^^;

Now, moving on towards the future – Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. The much anticipated Blizzard RTS, 12 years since the original Starcraft. Hell, its about time. And i will leave you with this awesome sc2 trailer clip:


Author: Quazacolt

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye World of Warcraft, Hello Starcraft II”

  1. I guess you will be busy for the next few weeks, hahaha i remember back in highschool/middle school when everyone around me was playing this game. I’m not that interested in strategy games so I didnt play it, but the second game’s graphic look AMAZING


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