World of Warcraft Arena Tournament – 2009 MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim

I was supposed to post something else before this, but that got delayed, so never mind that for now! Anyways, its a weekend, however unlike any other weekend, this weekend we have 2009 WoW MLG pro circuit Anaheim 3v3 arena tournament going on. Its basically a big time WoW PVP arena tournament, and its at its last day with the finals coming right up in just a few hours later from this post. Think of this as your normal football sport, except this is World of Warcraft, and its played on a computer aka E-Sport.

I am basically going to attempt live blogging this to get myself prepared for perhaps an AFA09 live blog. It sorta worked out for GACC 2009 first day, so why not? heh.

Streams are available from:


Catch World of Ming (probably the best blog site around regarding WoW news especially PVP news) for other live blogging with bloggers that are participating from the tournament itself such as Azael and Pookz!

=Live blogging start: BB VS Check 6=

oh my god, first round started in a BANG on Ruins of lordaeron!

– Good sap from Hiren the rogue
– Insane burst from Hiren and orangemarmalade, forced BOP and Deterrence from Twix the hunter
– Quick swap to Flex enh shaman
– INSANE BURST STRAIGHT to the paladin, CROSS KILL to numberone on priest, but hunter followed after that, and GAME 1 to Button Bashers!

Game 2 on Blade’s Edge Arena:

– INSANE RNG from Check 6, Orangemarmalade down within few seconds of the match before an iceblock, WTF Beastcleave /sigh

Game 3 on Balde’s Edge Arena again:

– Rogue didn’t manage to score a sap or even a cheap shot popped out of stealth by Flare.
– Very hard preasure to Numberone priest, pain suppression popped, and still didn’t help and Numberone went down quickly ending the match.

Game 4 on Nagrand Arena:

– Early preasure to flex from BB, and Orangemarmalade from Check6
– Miscommunicated Trinket+BOP on Flex, Orangemarmalade sitting through TWO iceblock, health bouncing up and down
– SUDDEN QUICK burst from BB, and DOWN GOES Flex the enhance Shaman

2-2 TIE Button Bashers vs Check 6, and they are going for a break. TWO undefeated team in the round robin, Korean RMP vs American Check6, 2 all tied, who will come out undefeated? Next game is incoming very soon!

Game 5 last game on Nagrand Arena again:

– Early opener by Hiren to Flex, Orangemarmalade to Twix hunter
– HEAVY preasure to Orangemarmalade, sudden huge burst swap to Flex
– Double iceblock used, orange hardcasting bolts towards Flex despite having a bunch of pets and preasure onto him
– Finally a CROSS KILL on Flex/Orange, Paladin OUT OF MANA, Priest low on mana assisting Hiren for a kill on hunter
– Unfortunately against a good hunter, rogue just doesn’t stand much chance, Priest went Out of mana from the assist kill, eventually Rogue went down, and Check6 were victorious.

What an amazing game from both teams! Despite ALL the naysayers about RMP having absolutely ZERO chance against beastcleave, BB proved the world wrong with what they showed us. It’s a pity that BB did not win the series, with a 2-3 score against Check6, it was still a very very exciting match and they will still be amongst the final teams and i will definitely be supporting them 🙂

To add in to the previous game, man, the tension was HUGE as both teams were yelling and screaming especially on the 2 versus 2. Words cannot possibly describe that thrilling moment as we were all eager to see who would take the victory. As vhell said: “that was hands down the best WoW match i’ve ever seen”!

Break for now, and next up is  BHMS (DK/Lock/Druid Shadow Cleave) VS Button Bashers (Rogue/Mage/Priest RMP) so stay tuned!

Game 1 on Ruins of lordaeron:

– Opener on druid by BB, forced VERY EARLY NS before a grip from DK
– Swap onto DK, having AMS up
– Hots dropped from druid, swap onto Druid, even with AMZ by the DK, still Good game. Druid went down in a hurry.

Game 2 on Nagrand arena:

– Opener to Warlock, early blind towards druid to force a trinket, warlock portaled away
– Swap towards DK, forced AMS, forced AMZ, fear towards druid, and DK went down  in a hurry.

TWO – ZERO from button bashers vs BHMS

Game 3 on Blade’s Edge arena:

– VERY good sap from Rogue, opener cheap shot on the Druid
– Death knight gripped right before the sheep, swap towards warlock right after druid, warlock dropped down from bridge
– Druid got feared RIGHT INTO ALL THREE members from BB, instant swap and instant BLOWN UP. Game ended THREE ZERO in favor to Button Bashers.

Game 4 on Ruins of lordaeron:

– Early opener onto Warlock, heavy preasure, however a portal and a grip from Dk, the kill was not possible
– Heavy kiting from DK towards the rogue and control towards mage/priest, game dragged and eventually priest went low on mana
– Swap towards rogue with priest out of mana, and there goes the match with check 6 winning.

Game 5 on Ruins of lordaeron again:

– Pretty much the same thing happening on game 4, BHMS dragging the game and not much preasure being applied from Button Bashers
– Button Bashers having  everyone on low, numberone went out of mana, and rogue hiren being very low on health. However with good communication, having cloak/vanish still up, priest went for a drink while rogue still alive with that low hp.
– Quick swap into Brogo Druid, despite AMZ coming up, Silence from Button Bashers with Druid dangerously low on health, a kill was almost certain, until a quick shift running away and a NS heal for 12k, and Rogue went down right after. Game goes to Check 6.

3 – 2 Button Bashers vs Check 6 with Button Bashers taking the series.

Next up:

Check 6 vs EG, game 1 on Ruins of Lordaeron:

– Team EG going alliance to benefit from the racials as will of forsaken wont be doing anything
– VERY heavy preasure on to EG with Azael Warlock taking a lot of damage
– Swap from Check 6 to Rogue, dipped him pretty low but not quite there
– Momentum shift towards EG’s favor and Flex enh Shaman went low really quick with full dots, and falling down shortly after. EG taking the first game.

Game 2 on Blade’s Edge arena:

– Early opener from rogue towards enh shaman, with Check 6 opening towards EG’s Tenderloin Shaman
– Swap from Check 6 between Rogue/Warlock, and as the match dragged
– Check 6 shaman mana going low, popped shamanistic rage, but sitting through stuns with it
– Eventually a burst from Check 6 on to EG’s Rogue and he went down in a hurry, Game 2 going to Check 6.

1 – 1 Tied between EG and Check 6

Game 3 on Ruins of Lordaeron arena:

– Opener onto Flex Hunter from Rogue, Check 6 sitting on Azael Warlock
– Fel dom from EG Warlock, preasure still on to him, Swap from EG to Flex enh shaman
– Interrupts and Fears on to Check 6 Paladin and down goes Flex, Game 3 to EG, 2 -1.

Game 4 on Dalaran Sewers:

– Check 6 starting up on Warlock, EG not putting up much preasure on to Check 6
– Check 6 paladin got put into heavy CC, preasure from EG onto Flex enh Shaman.
– Sudden preasure on to  Smaten Rogue with his evasions down, and he went down in a hurry, game 4 victorious by Check 6 despite heavy dragging by EG.

Game 5 on Nagrand arena:

– Usual opener on Azael Warlock by Check 6
– Game progression similar as Game 4
– Check 6 paladin going very low on mana by the long game while EG’s Shaman having about 5k pretty healthy
– EG’s Rogue Smaten without evasion, being swapped on to and after an intimidation stun, went down. Game 5 to Check 6 3 to 2 and they got the series.

While EG didn’t got the series like button bashers, they still player VERY well especially Azael surviving Beastcleave bursts/preasure.

Next up is SK-EU vs BHMS, game 1 on Dalaran Sewers:

– Both teams having dots and hots up
– Grip by BHMS DK on to SK EU’s DK
– things turned against BHMS on the grip, and their DK went down in a hurry

Next game pretty much same things:

– both dk fighting each other
– banish onto BHMS druid follow fear, devour, cyclone cc chain
– both dk’s trading blows, going low putting up amz/death pacts
– sudden cc chain death coil/fear into druid, health goes back up, but still went down eventually

Game 3 on Blade’s Edge arena:

– both ghouls from DK dead early
– heavy drink from Brogo druid
– SK eu druid going low on health, got into cc chain, and there goes SK-EU’s druid.
2-1 SK EU vs BHMS favoring SK EU

Game 4 on Ruins of Lordaeron:

– dots and hots rolling as usual, game drag
– sudden CC towards Brogo Druid with Nature swiftness casted in a cyclone, and burst towards BHMS’s Dk, and down he goes, despite Nature swiftness is up. SK EU takes the win.

Game 5 on Dalaran Sewers:

– Same thing with previous games, until a pet kill by SK EU.
– unable to get a feldomination, Snutz Warlock from BHMS went down in a hurry, Game 5 going to SK EU with 4 to 1.

Next up BB versus Fnatic on Ruins of lordaeron:

– early sap by Button bashers onto douja
– swap towards woundman rogue, dipping very low
– Hiren Rogue going very low, however Woundman getting very low as well
– Blind onto Douja shaman, and arcane missle from Orangemarmalade mage, and down goes Woundman, game 1 going towards Button Bashers

Game 2 on Ruins of lordaeron:

– early sap on douja shaman
– Woundman rogue dipping dangerously low early on, however picked back up by douja shaman
– Hiren rogue going low however picked back up by priest and another run at Woundman Rogue, with Douja caught in a snare unable to catch up, down goes woundman rogue and BB picking up second game, 2 zero favoring Button Bashers.

Game 3 on Nagrand arena:

– sap on both healers, Hiren rogue opening on their warlock
– Swap to Douja shaman, insane preasure, no NS crit, going down in a hurry. Game 3 towards Button Basher again.

Game 4 on Ruins of lordaeron:

– Not much preasure from Button Bashers surprisingly.
– heavy cc from Fnatic on to Hiren rogue
– swap to Hiren Rogue, dipping dangerously low, however numberone priest picking him back up and he survives
– Mana from numberone priest going low, momentum favoring Fnatic
– numberone priest manages a good drink right in the middle, later on interrupted by Yog warlock
– sap onto numberone priest by Woundman rogue
– fear chains onto numberone priest, and down goes hiren rogue. Game 4 towards Fnatic 3-1 favoring Button Bashers

Game 5 on Ruins of lordaeron:

– Sap on numberone priest
– Yog Warlock half health assault by Button Bashers, eventually picked back up
– Douja chained cc, sitting in a polymorph
– numberone priest going low on mana
– woundman suddenly got swapped, ALMOST INSTANT kill by button bashers with Douja having nature swiftness still up!

Game 5 goes to Button Bashers and it ends with a 4 to 1 going to Button Bashers. And that CONCLUDES THE ROUND ROBIN going into a lunch break.

So during the replays, sound wasn’t what it was during live and it went ape shit especially when the Koreans were yelling, so i did a quick PS work:

BHMS Versus Check 6 on Dalaran sewers game 1:

– Warlock ZERGED start to finish
– Second beastial wrath came up, and Warlock from BHMS went down quickly with Check 6 taking the first game 1 to zero

Game 2 on Ruins on lordaeron:

– Zerg again on the warlock, game ended before it even began. What a let down. Game 2 going to check 6, 2 zero.

Game 3 on Ruins of lordaeron:

– i heard beastcleave is broken :/
– Warlock from BHMS zerged, game over.

Check 6 taking the win, and next up is SK EU VS Button Bashers.

Game 1 on Nagrand arena (my god, 10+ minutes of trying to queue Blade’s Edge arena due to disconnect ealier) :

– Very patient opener from Hiren Rogue follwing with an early blind to druid
– Warlock getting focused to half health, portaled and Druid saved him
– Numberone Priest getting low thanks to DK, swap to DK by Button Bashers
– Still getting low from the DK dmg, and eventually went down. SK EU taking the first game 1 to Zero.

Game 2 on Nagrand Arena again:

– Opener starts on the Druid Enigma
– Orangemarmalade Mage blinked in to assist, got warstomped
– Button bashers swapped to Death knight, Rogue eventually re-stealthed to reset.
– Numberone priest got an AWESOME fear to Enigma Druid in caster form, Hiren Rogue reopens, and Instant explode to Enigma Druid, Game 2 goes to Button bashers 1-1 Tied.

Game 3 on Ring of Valor:

– Early rush down from Button Bashers, with Numberone Priest hardcore dps’ing
– Trinket blown by enigma druid, running across to the pillar, with the pillar pushing Hiren Rogue up, nice save to SK EU
– Save didn’t last long, sudden death towards Enigma druid and as vhell said it: “got melted by Button Bashers” and Button Bashers taking the game 2 to 1.

Game 4 on Ruins of Lordaeron:

– VERY quick start from Button Bashers on Enigma Druid
– Big Fear from Numberone priest on  SK EU with Enigma Druid feared all the way to the starting area
– Enigma going dangerously low, with all cooldowns used, managed to get away
– Numberone priest suddenly taking a lot of huge bursts, Enigma at the same situation, but Numberone Priest went down first, and SK EU managed to get away with it, Game 4 going to SK EU 2 all TIED.

Game 5 on Blade’s Edge arena:

– Opener on the Enigma Druid, ran off the bridge, swap to Another Death Knight
– Swaps going back and forth, numberone Priest suddenly dip low, popped pain suppression, jumped off bridge for a full penance
– All of a sudden with the swaps going on, CC chains on Enigma with Another Death knight swapped having trinket and AMS down and INSTANT KILL with Button Bashers taking the game 3 to 2.

Next up, Lower bracket, SK EU VS BHMS on Ring of Valor:

– Double early Ghoul kill
– dot dot dot hot hot hot
– Brogo Druid drinking, and most likely due to that fell back on heals
– Warlock went low, portaled and picked back up, DK from BHMS went low as well, swap back to lock from BHMS and down he goes, SK EU winning the match 1 to zero.

Game 2 on Ruins of Lordaeron:

– same shit, dot x hot
– SK EU generally having the upper hand, eventually downs BHMS Druid and SK EU taking the game 2 to Zero.


Game 3 on Ring of Valor:

– Brogo Druid banished by SK EU
– going low on health, and SK EU finishes it. 3 to Zero with SK EU making it out of the Loser bracket.

BHMS is out of the tournament, top 3 with SK EU/ Button Bashers/ Check 6. And now they will be taking a break.

Next up is Button Bashers versus Check 6 again (OH BOY!) on Nagrand arena:

– VERY HEAVY preasure on orangemarmalade mage start to finish, blowing 2 iceblocks eventually.
– check 6 HEAVY YELLING on KILL FOR orange
– orange mage managed to survive, made a swap from hunter to shaman
– Toez paladin COMPLETELY NO MANA, and the kill was made. VERY EXCITING match from Button Bashers, taking the game TWO ZERO.

and I MISSED GAME 1 DAMNIT. Head to WOM for that -_-;

Game 3 on Nagrand arena again:

– heavy preasure beginning to orangemarmalade mage
– Great stun from Hiren rogue before bloodlust, and after bloodlust, spellstolen bloodlust by orangemarmalade mage.
– first iceblock from mage and restealth of rogue
– sudden burst from check6 and instant killed orangemarmalade and check6 taking Game 3 with 2 to 1 favoring Button Bashers.

Game 4 on Ruins of Lordaeron:

– bad start from button bashers
– rogue got flared out denied opener
– orangemarmalade mage made an early ice block, and eventually died.
– Mage actually had iceblock debuff fell off, but still died from intense burst. Check 6 taking the victory having 2 all tied.

Game 5 on Ruins of Lordaeron again:

– very intense last match, i dont even know how to highlight this lol
– orangemarmalade mage getting very heavy preasure as usual, trying to survive so badly
– sudden fear to toez paladin, followed silence, and check 6 shaman gg’ed in a hurry and with that, Button Bashers took the game with 3 to 1.

LOL at liveblog:

Next up is check 6 versus SK EU on Blade’s Edge arena:

– inflamez getting the preasure as usual
– twix hunter tried to be pro on the disengage and it went wrong putting him on a bad position
– Game dragged and hunter went low
– great fear by inflamez and twix hunter went down with SK EU taking the first game 1 to zero.

Game 2 on Dalaran Sewers:

– preasure as usual on inflamez
– inflamez jumped down, check6 didnt pursue
– momentum shifting back from check6 to SK EU with Flex enh shaman going low
– sudden cc from SK EU with cyclones, and down go twix the hunter and SK EU got the 2nd game two zero against check 6.

Game 3 on Dalaran Sewers again:

– starting as usual on inflamez, very heavy damage and early AMZ is used
– Seemed like inflamez taking out cleansing totem and another spreading more dots
– hunter pet just died, but it was brought back up
– flex goin low but got picked back up despite cc’s on toez
– Enigma went really low but managed to ran off staying alive
– Toez went low from the dots, not going back up, and there it goes SK EU taking the 3rd game with Check 6 taking the 3rd place in the tournament going home.

Coming up, Last and final game, Button Bashers versus SK EU, RMP vs DK Lock Druid. NO USA TEAMS LOL.

Anyways, Final game on Rings of valor, with Button Bashers 3 and SK EU 2, first team to 6th win TAKES IT ALL:

– early blind from button bashers
– inflamez dropping really low early
– swap made to enigma
– numberone priest went low as well used pain suppression
– Hiren drops REALLY low, topped off by penance
– swapped to another, popped AMS and he survived easily
– HEAVY cc on rogue, dispel to UA silenced numberone and down goes hiren

SK EU taking the first game 3 ALL tied

Game 2 on Rings of valor again:

– heavy hit on enigma but he managed to survive with AMZ
– numberone got swapped with a grip into strangulate, still managed to survive
– sudden swap from Button bashers to enigma and DOWN GOES ENIGMA IN A HURRY

Button Bashers taking the lead 4 to 3.

Game 3 on Rings of valor AGAIN!

– another instantly cc’ed from the start
– opener on enigma, with dps splited with another
– huge damage towards hiren, grip into deathcoil
– numberone dispeled UA silenced
– numberone is dangerously low taking a ton of damage
– rogue priest vs dk lock, insane dmg from orangemarmalade towards the dk
– numberone gettin back mana, and SHATTER HIT AND DOWN GOES ANOTHER

hell, Numberone outdamaged the rogue as a priest, REALLY AGGRESSIVE priest i’ve EVER seen. HELLA EXCITING MATCH UP AND NOW BUTTON BASHERS 5 OVER SK EU 3. ONE MORE AND THEY TAKE IT ALL.

Game 4 on Nagrand arena:

– hiren got destealthed
– gargoyle got shackled
– button bashers getting reset, opening on enigma, but got gripped by another
– another down to half and AMZ laid out
– enigma low on mana and innervated
– swapped to another down to half but heavy cc’s onto hiren
– still constant preasure onto another, and they managed to kill another
– dots constantly ticking, hiren eating, prayer of mending ticked, but a CROSS KILL SCORED
– priest mage versus druid and warlock, druid is low on mana, so the game is still sided to button bashers
– game dragged horribly, 2vs2 mana war between mage priest vs druid warlock

=another final update=

Sorry everyone for 1) not able to finish up the last 2 matches 2) not updating this earlier as i had a crash out for not having enough sleep going straight to work and coming back in traffic jams and what not. Maiwaifu was just way too tempting for

Anyways about the match: I’ve heard the game dragged for 25minutes into a draw and having SK-US Druid Warlock won due to more damage. It was a pity that i couldn’t watch that very match myself as a new orange legend could’ve born from it due to my day job. (hey, it pays for this very site and my various entertainment ‘needs’ LOL)

Further disappoint was had when i checked WOM to get some reference of the last 2 matches:

An apology on missing the last a few games of the BB vs SK-EU grand finals.  I waited and waited but I simply had to go escort my father-in-law back to his hotel to catch an early morning flight.  Estel watched the matches and told me exactly what happened, and I am glad the best team won. Serennia-sama was supposed to take over bracket play, but I got this message at 6PM:

I have an excrutiatingly painful toothe ache, had to call a doctor and im leaving soon for it i think… hurts so bad its unreal – Serennia-sama

Only this available on WOM:

Game 5 was on Ring of Valor yet again!  How can this map be played four out of five times in the grand finals?  BB’s Druid-to-DK-to-Druid swap sealed the deal as they are the team of destiny!  Getting ROV against DK/Lock/Druid, Nagrand against Beast Cleave was huge but you can not deny their impeccable skills.

So guess this wraps up this post. I will be posting a final conclusion post and a slight surprise for you guys as well 🙂

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