Saimoe 2009 Uproar – Kana bested Mio

Usually i wouldn’t care about Saimoe, much less making a blog post about it, however, theres always an exception for things, right? Well, as you can see on the title itself. Yes, Mio got owned in this year’s Saimoe by Kana from Minami-Ke.

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Daicon 2009 – Day 1 highlight gallery – Dance Trooper (part 2)

After a long hiatus, be it being randomly lazy or just simply busy (my new job, well, technically new job, sorta takes up a tad bit more of my private time.) hindering my posting, i think it is about time i continue working on Daicon. You know, i REALLY like to have a complete event write up and past track record isn’t doing well (AFA08/CF08 lol) and i am fearing for the upcoming GACC. The salvation to that though, is that I’m not an official media/blog affiliate for GACC nor am i interested in being one, so that would take a wee bit of “pressure” off and i could pretty much do as i pleased, which includes, not giving a shit a bout it at all… nah j/k lol. I am attending GACC ^^;

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Daicon 2009 – Day 1 highlight gallery – K On (part 1)

Phew! TONS and TONS of pictures to process from the photo shoot sessions of both days. Considering Jcdish did a fine job on the previous write ups (much thanks again!), and god knows when i would actually get my own write up done, i figured that the most appropriate thing to do now is to get out those much awaited pictures 😀

Another thing to note, based on past ACG event experiences,  it would still take time for me regardless on the full day coverage pictures, and since most people are more eager for the main dish more than anything, i will first do a “highlight gallery” for Daicon 2009 Day 1, which are a few K-On cosplay photoshoot sessions. Later on i will post the full coverage pictures.

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