ANIMAF Awards @ -updated-

First off, myself, and this blog, is still alive. If you are wondering, yes, gaming. Only difference is L4D2 instead of RE5 and the usual WoW. Anyways, i have received an email from regarding a request to put up some info about ANIMAF. What is ANIMAF you ask, well i didn’t know it myself until i checked out the about page:

ANIMAF Awards is an otaku-made online awards that would give recognitions to outstanding Live-actions and Japanese animated films each year.

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Saimoe 2009 Uproar – Kana bested Mio

Usually i wouldn’t care about Saimoe, much less making a blog post about it, however, theres always an exception for things, right? Well, as you can see on the title itself. Yes, Mio got owned in this year’s Saimoe by Kana from Minami-Ke.

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