Aki Sora, or is it…?

Latest anime Aki Sora, or rather, hentai OVA that is bundled with the Limited edition manga just released about 3 days ago, and i really cant help but noticed a striking resemblance towards a certain anime. The following picture will do the talking:

Seriously, that is the first damn thing that hit my mind during the first H scene: Spice and Wolf: the Armaty route. Maybe Lawrence should’ve just rolled over and die knowing how awesome the show could’ve gotten huh?

Well, if you haven’t noticed already, the Aki on the manga cover is very much different than the Aki you see now in the anime. Most noticeably would be the hair color, and the eyes color. Even the side fringe (correct me if i’m wrong on this, not too well versed in hair stuff)  seemed a lot shorter in the manga compared to the anime.

Anyways, not much that i will be able to review about this anime (maybe i should just start calling it hentai already?) considering its content. Standard hentai-like storylines, scenes, and a wrap up with an wincest intercourse. Like hell yeah right? Even the sudden teleportation-like appearence of the characters seemed similar to those of eroges. You know, they just suddenly slide in your screen and stands right in the middle and starts the dialog, yeah, that.

See what i mean? lol. To sum it up, awsm stuff, especially if you’re a male, i guess, for obvious reasons. And seeing how Aki resembles Horo, you bet i will be following it rofl!

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4 thoughts on “Aki Sora, or is it…?”

    1. @kluxorious, pretty much lol. as Linkin said, “kanokon”. Though honestly, if you read the manga and like it, i think its worth a shot. That said, i’ve not read the manga but thats just because of my preference of not reading mangas and/or generally i just do not have the time to read them.


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