Storm Warriors, Comic Fiesta 2009 updates, and TFM x LA

So like, yeah this movie sucks because(click to show spoiler):

[spoiler]Cloud dies and chu chu (cho cho in cantonese lol) dies LIKE OMG THE PEOPLE THAT MATTERS DIE. Oh and that canon guy dies too but thats a given, lol. Wheres mah “moving cloud palms” move too D: At least theres gate of babylon amirite fate/stay fans? wwwww[/spoiler]

Seriously though, it seems to me that movies these days are entirely aimed towards action and special effects, and almost completely negating plot/storyline. I suppose its easier to sell with flashy action flying across the screen, as opposed to having long dialogs which are easy to bore the viewers if not done well.

Either way, i got to watch this movie for free thanks to Comic Fiesta folks, so i guess cant really complaint much about it ^^;


And with Comic Fiesta happening over THIS weekend with about less than 3 days to go, heres a whole bunch of information and updates by the Comic Fiesta committee:

Comic Fiesta 2009
Date: 19-20 December 2009
Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention center

Ticketing details here:

Preorder deadline has passed, so it will be RM15 for 1 day, RM30 for both. Additionally, tickets may also be purchased from retail outlets listed from here: and with this method, you can get RM5 discount for buying the 2 days ticket at RM25. Do note that the closing date for the tickets available at aforementioned retail outlets is on 18th December, this Friday.

Also do take note that Aeroline is the official Bus provided for Comic Fiesta 2009 and they offer direct route from Penang and Singapore straight to Sunway. For more info, visit here: You get a 10% discount too.

Click here for a list of the activities during Comic Fiesta 2009, which i will also do a brief highlight below too.

Interested artist may also participate in the on-site art competition, with details right here: Prizes including brand new Wacom tablets 🙂

And like previous Comic Fiesta, there will be a cosplaying competition and this time, its up with a twist – One True Pairing (OTP) Cosplay Competition! More details right here:

Lastly, for those who are especially serious in art, they will be holding an Industry Seminar and it will be half day long during Day 2 with 2 speakers from the creative industry to share their views and experiences.

Time: 10.30am to 1pm (Day 2 of Comic Fiesta 2009 (Dec 20 2009))
Venue: Left of the Stage (CF Hall 1)

The theme would be “Bridging the Creatives” featuring:

– Stanley Lau, Co-Founder & Creative Director (Imaginary Friends Studio) with the topic “Be A Digital Artist with Style”
– Dinjer, Persatuan Penggiat Komik Malaysia (PeKOMIK) with the topic “Where The Industry Is Today”
– Azlan Pa’wan, Managing Director of Big Beak Pictures with the topic “The Great Expectation”

Proceed here for more info and short biodata for the 3 speakers: Lets not forget that the entry for this seminar is FREE!

Those looking forward to a career in art, you can also attend to the CF 2009 Portfolio Review Pavilion, where you get the opportunity to get critiques and comments from the best our creative industry has to offer.  Do bring your portfolio and resume as who knows if you may score an in-depth interview with respective studios/companies. For more info and attending studios/companies, visit here:

Full Comic Fiesta 2009 schedules available below:

Day 1
Day 2


3rd and last part of this update, as the title of this post suggests: Yes, The Figure Mall and Little Akiba will be attending Comic Fiesta 2009. The Figure Mall will be having a sales booth along side with Little Akiba, and like previous events they i mean we attend, we will be having a figure showcase thats always bringing in the latest PVC figures consisting of around 200 figures all imported from Japan!

A few pictures from our previous grand display at Daicon 2009:

And yes, i am amongst the contributors and i will also be bringing figures from my own collection including some exclusive figures to display as well.

Dont forget to check out Little Akiba’s list of merchandises that they are bringing to Comic Fiesta including some exclusive items as well.

Thats all for my ‘omg huge’ updates, albeit late, but better than never 🙂

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