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First off, myself, and this blog, is still alive. If you are wondering, yes, gaming. Only difference is L4D2 instead of RE5 and the usual WoW. Anyways, i have received an email from regarding a request to put up some info about ANIMAF. What is ANIMAF you ask, well i didn’t know it myself until i checked out the about page:

ANIMAF Awards is an otaku-made online awards that would give recognitions to outstanding Live-actions and Japanese animated films each year.

Without further delays, check out the trailer below:


Really impressive stuff imo, and definitely worth sharing πŸ™‚ For me, its definitely the Evangelion sound track being used. Having just watched Evangelion 2.0 at Singapore during AFA 2009, it would be a lie if my opinions weren’t slightly biased. That said, I’d wish the transition to the 2nd song would be better made as it felt a little odd to me ^^;


2nd video is up:


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