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Heh 1 week of lagging before i get to post this up. Ill put up a later post to give you an insight on all the lagging, however for now, we’ll focus a lil’ on last week’s VGL – just simply awesome! Almost a week has passed since VGL 2010 at KL Malaysia, yet the memories of it is still very fresh making it seemed as if it just happened yesterday. With your childhood gaming memories being evoked altogether while you indulge within a live Orchestra being performed, it’s no wonder VGL being a success over a long 5 years since its debut at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6 2005.

When i first enter the Orchestra hall with Sichiri, the seating we picked was quite perfect with ample leg space as there is a walkway separating our section from the front most section. The feeling was grand and i immediately had the satisfied feeling of a well spent hefty MYR250. While the seats are being filled, as it is almost 8:30pm, a short music video is being shown and oh boy, not only it is hella hilarious, the video immediately brings back a lot of memories be it gaming, or even anime. (do let me know if any of you guys can remember the title of the video, kinda wanna re-watch it and look up the lyrics ^^;)

Initially i was sorta in a bind on how to write up this post, as words can hardly describe the feeling of an Orchestra performance. Thankfully video recording is allowed such as these here so long you don’t interfere with the performance and/or the audience so it would be easier for me to just link them instead of figuring out how to write it up in words. While i personally do not think those videos do the performance justice, however to those that are unfortunate to miss out VGL 2010 Malaysia, that’s the best you can get, sorta a ‘better than nothing’ deal, and hopefully, you’d be convinced to not miss out the next VGL near you.

A couple of highlights i would love to personally make in no particular order:

VGL Pre-opening video clip


VGL Rockman medley


I was a bit sad when i couldn’t guess the answer from Tommy’s hints, more sequels titles than the rest, yeap, Megaman. (or its japanese name, rockman) This totally brought back a lot of childhood memories as i was a huge fan of the old rock/megaman series. Having it played from the old famicom/SNES cartridge consoles, to the playstation 1 CD based console, recognizing the stages and the bosses of the old games when the background video is being played, really moved me. And being an anime fan as well, having known of nico nico douga, a japanese online video streaming site, sorta like the “Japanese version of YouTube”, there is a rather popular nico nico medley (which i am including below) which featured a portion of the music from rockman and fans were quick to chant it out during the performance. Mainly from the ComicFiesta people I’d assume heh.

Nico Nico Medley Orchestrated version

Skip to around 5:55 of the playtime for the Megaman portion, and if you’re interested to find out all the titles the entire medley featured, visit this youtube instead.

Okkusenman (English Subtitles)


VGL Warcraft Suite


Of course, the ever popular Warcraft with its latest MMORPG game having well over 11 to 12 million subscribers. The moment the video started with the “Ten years” prior to “of Warcraft” introduction, almost everyone in the hall knew what was coming – Warcraft suite from VGL and the hall totally went crazy with the cheering and clapping. It mainly features the parts from the WoW/Warcraft 3 games such as Legends of Azeroth from the first WoW login screen music, first WoW Trailer music and “a call to arms” from Warcraft 3 trailer linked below.

WoW first trailer

Available in 1080 too and watching it again, wow the details.

Warcraft III trailer


Very satisfying performance, and to add in the satisfaction, when Tommy went asking “horde or alliance”, horde chants were very noticeably louder. FOR THE HORDE LOL and to add towards the injury, Alliance got boo’ed by the overwhelming horde XD

Norihiko Hibino also captured the audience with his Saxophone, playing the very smooth Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3:

VGL MGS3: Snake Eater


Finishing their performance is the ever so popular One Winged Angel from the Final Fantasy 7 franchise. Well, with the earlier Kingdom Hearts performance and this OWA performance, the conclusion of it is that Square (now Square Enix) are just shit heads for not granting the rights to VGL for the videos. First we have Kingdom Hearts showing various Disney pictures, now we get “Cosplay FTW!” for Final Fantasy’s OWA, kinda kills the mood lol. Notice the middle part of the video with the chocobo and the end of it:

VGL Final Fantasy 7: One Winged Angel


Of course, whats a great performance without encores? VGL brought us with not one, but THREE encores with the Castlevania Rock, Chrono Trigger and to me, the best moment of all, Chrono Cross opening. I wasn’t quite expecting this until the first tune played right after Chrono Trigger, and wow, with Tommy and Jack playing on acoustic guitar, Norihiko with the Saxophone, Laura with her flute (aka Flute Link heh), backed by the National Symphony Orchestra, it was just totally breathtaking.

VGL Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross

Skip to around 2minutes into play for Chrono Cross

And lets not forget the original game opening:

Chrono Cross game opening


note: Credits goes to the respective uploaders to all the above videos on YouTube, as well as their respective games/titles, and to Video Games Live of course.

Just like any game, victories must be accompanied with epic loots, for me, it would be the VGL Volume 1 CD signed by Tommy/Jack/Norihiko/Laura personally on the spot shown below:

Special thanks to Solomon aka Wisefreeman for the autograph session tip off. Else me and Sichiri had to go through the long line and risk missing this out. Thats all for now, i hope we will get another round of this, and just for the sake of it, FASTER than the Singaporeans too! LOL

No doubt, i will be attending it again should that happen 🙂


updated to include the Okkusenman video with english subtitles 😛
and i just got the pre-opening vid from a comrade XD

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