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Whoopsie, long time no post! Been really tied up at work recently, and even my WoW play time is basically reduced to weekends. Much sadness D: Hell, i even just had a 2 weeks straight of overtimes. (at least i still get to have my weekends, i guess lol) Oh well, at least the money would be worth it.

Looking back on the initial draft date, it dates back to 5th of February, wow, 2 months of lagging for this post to come out rofl. Even the VGL inquiry email was dated on March 14. /endrants

Anyways, It is just less than 2 days till Video Games Live for Malaysian Music/Orchestra/Gaming fans, so here’s an informational post regarding the event.

Again, if you haven’t gotten your tickets for the event this coming Saturday 17-04-2010, you may head over here: which lets you purchase the tickets online, as well as rough details on VGL, and a promotional video. There will be a noon and night session for VGL, and as of 12:54AM 16-04-2010 GMT+8, below are the current seating’s for each session respectively with grey = occupied

17-04-2010 2:30pm

17-04-2010 8:30pm

For more detailed information, kindly visit the following from the official website:

And as i have mentioned earlier on the VGL inquiry email, ill just provide a pretty straight forward Q&A for you guys:

– Are we allowed on photography or any video recording during the performance?
in terms of photography and video recording, it is strictly not allowed during the concert.

– Is food/drinks allowed?
Food & drinks are also not allowed into the premise.

– What is the current track list for the performance?
The tracklist will not be revealed as it would be a surprise for all the Video Game Music fans who will be coming to the concert. But we ensure you that it’ll be most enjoyable for all.

– How long is the performance expected to last including the break time if any? If there is a break time, how long is the break?
The total showtime will run for 2.5 hours with 20 minutes of intermission time.

– Is there any required dress code for attending this event? for example, are guys required to wear long pants or just casual shorts would do?
There will not be any particular dresscode for the event. In fact, you are welcome to dress as a cosplay character if you want to.

Should be simple enough for everyone, and consider this a small personal request to everyone attending: PLEASE abide by their rules and regulations and not considering yourself doing anyone a favor by recording the orchestra with your crappy phone cams and most certainly not feeling proud after being caught and/or escorted out the hall. (yes i am talking about the few certain people during the May’N concert)

Speaking of the May’N concert, lol that was drafted forever, but yeah, will be up soon enough (lol). Until then, hope you enjoy this yet another informational post by DMM.


Ok since my information on the FAQ are a little outdated considering it’s from March, according to our VGL guy (lol?) right here:

So to sum it up:

OK on photography/video recording, however no pro stuff. So, bring your noob gears i guess.

more updates:


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