My lovable country Malaysia

Seriously, this is the best i can do for the picture. sorry. (If you got the book/scan of a high res Malaysia, do let me know)

Yet more hiatus, and i am about to go through a month without a single post (dang!) until my colleague sent me a very hilarious email. Funny, and at the same time a little bit sad considering how true most, if not all of the below listed things are. Without further delays, enjoy your read of what is it like being a Malaysian:

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Video Games Live Malaysia – Enjoice!

Heh 1 week of lagging before i get to post this up. Ill put up a later post to give you an insight on all the lagging, however for now, we’ll focus a lil’ on last week’s VGL – just simply awesome! Almost a week has passed since VGL 2010 at KL Malaysia, yet the memories of it is still very fresh making it seemed as if it just happened yesterday. With your childhood gaming memories being evoked altogether while you indulge within a live Orchestra being performed, it’s no wonder VGL being a success over a long 5 years since its debut at the Hollywood Bowl on July 6 2005.

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Video Games Live… IN MALAYSIA

Whoopsie, long time no post! Been really tied up at work recently, and even my WoW play time is basically reduced to weekends. Much sadness D: Hell, i even just had a 2 weeks straight of overtimes. (at least i still get to have my weekends, i guess lol) Oh well, at least the money would be worth it.

Looking back on the initial draft date, it dates back to 5th of February, wow, 2 months of lagging for this post to come out rofl. Even the VGL inquiry email was dated on March 14. /endrants

Anyways, It is just less than 2 days till Video Games Live for Malaysian Music/Orchestra/Gaming fans, so here’s an informational post regarding the event.

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May’N visiting on my birthday week? OH SHI- =2nd update=

If you haven’t heard about this news from Danny Choo long before, well here is the slowpoke update by me heh. May’N is having her Asia tour for 2010 and coincidentally, her Malaysia stop is on the same week as my birthday. Needless to say, especially from my previous postings of May’N, i am definitely going to this concert and no doubt ill be attempting to score first row seating’s again. I mean, i did it for AFA 2008 and 2009, gotten her signature (oh lol whiteboard rage), gotten a couple of her singles, might as well already right? rofl

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