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Long time no post lol, (1 month absence, pretty much) well heres an icebreaker – Last Saturday morning i had a Blazblue gathering with Lowyat forum Blazblue players at V-Station. Attendees were: Myself, Sichiri, Reis, Susanoo, Incx, and Edmundsiew.

The location is at SS2 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, on a dreaded ~11AM Morning. Me/Sichiri/Reis arrived a bit earlier and had breakfast at a restaurant beside the place. Once the rest arrived, we just went in, with myself/Reis/Sichiri bringing in our own Arcade sticks and Incx with his own controller, Susanoo with his own BlazBlue game, and off we go firing up the game:

Patching only took less than 2-3 minutes, and you can see Reis can’t wait start the game lol:

So while we wait i got around taking pictures, obviously without myself (/gg):

Susanoo was supposed to take pictures for this gathering i suppose, until i whipped out a DSLR lol. STILL! videos are much welcomed and i am not sure if Susanoo recorded any nice footage, like the parts where we were cheering on anyone against Sichiri’s Tager rofl. Oh and heres a better view on the “station” itself:

Onwards to the games, heres a heated match between Incx’s Hakumen vs Sichiri’s Iron Tager:

And this one should be Reis’ Ragna vs Incx’s Noel:

Well that’s it for the lazy write up and pictures lol. We finished our session after around 3ish Hours. It should’ve been MYR50 per hour for the room during weekends, however since we brought our own controller/arcade sticks/game, we got a nice discount for weekday price of MYR30/hour and it netted us MYR90 and after the split its MYR15 per person 😀 Definitely enjoyed this session and looking forward for more. Learned a lot more about the game from everyone and especially Incx since he plays Hakumen just like i do too 😀

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