May’N visiting on my birthday week? OH SHI- =2nd update=

If you haven’t heard about this news from Danny Choo long before, well here is the slowpoke update by me heh. May’N is having her Asia tour for 2010 and coincidentally, her Malaysia stop is on the same week as my birthday. Needless to say, especially from my previous postings of May’N, i am definitely going to this concert and no doubt ill be attempting to score first row seating’s again. I mean, i did it for AFA 2008 and 2009, gotten her signature (oh lol whiteboard rage), gotten a couple of her singles, might as well already right? rofl

Anyways for those who doesn’t know who May’N is (oh how could you :P) visit her official blog/website here, and the official tour website which also contains her profile.  She is going to be making 3 stops for her Asia tour which is:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: March 7th
Hong Kong: March 19th
Taipei, Taiwan: March 21st

And the following press release quoting from danny

(18th January, 2010) The organizers of Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 are excited to announce Mayʼnʼs first ever concert tour of Asia, which promises to deliver the latest hits from her chart topping repertoire of successful music releases. Her first concert of the tour is scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 7th of March 2010, while her concert in Hong Kong will be taking place on the19th of March 2010, followed by the concert in Taipei, Taiwan on the 21st of March 2010.

“After my Budokan, to come to Asia again is a great honor for me. I love Asia and look forward to be connected with everyone all around the world through my music. I look forward to meeting everyone! Letʼs sing together!” Translated quote from Mayʼn.

For her Asian tour, Mayʼn will be delivering a full concert experience, featuring specially choreographed dance moves and exclusive performances. Extremely popular with the Asian audience, Mayʼn has performed to sell-out concert audiences of over 5,000 twice at Singaporeʼs annual Anime Festival Asia event, and full house audiences in South Korea and Guangzhou, China.

Set to perform to a full house at Japanʼs iconic Budokan Concert hall to an audience of over 9,000 on January 24th this year, the concert follows suit her latest chart topping releases of her latest album “Styles” (Debut at #7 on the Japan Oricon Charts) and her Anime Macross Frontier mini-album “Universal Bunny” (Debut at #3 on the Japan Oricon Charts).

For the full official press release, visit here.

Speaking of slowpoke though, i am quite disappointed in the fact that concert details for Hong Kong (which is taking place on March 19th) is already out while Malaysia that’s taking place on 7th March is still lacking any info at all, be it location, or ticket pricing. I guess its built within Malaysian blood for slow poking literally everything? oh wells.

Anyways from Danny’s post itself, see if you can spot me(don’t cheat XD):

Also having a thread, Linkinstreet from wakarimasenlol got a picture of her AFA 2009 concert from Music Japan Japanese broadcast(IINM) which i also appeared in:

See if you can spot me in this lol. If the resolution isn’t helping, the original size is available here, from the LYN thread post here.

Hope to see you guys in Malaysia (or hey, you guys over Singapore/Thailand, or anywhere for that matter! :D) going even if you’re not a fan. Supporting this concert is indirectly supporting other artists that may potentially come over to Malaysia depending on how successful this concert goes. Will most likely make a new post or updating this one once we get info for her Malaysia concert, here’s to hoping for a good pricing/location for her Malaysia concert. ^^


Ok ticketing information are out and below are the details (damn flash, seriously):

Doors open: 7pm
Show start: 8pm
Venue: KL Live, 1st floor, Life Centre, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Google map here.
Ticket price: MYR 198 for outlets, MYR 218 at the door.
Ticketing starts: 9th February 2010 (Also available online)
Phone: +65 6325 9871
Email:  [email protected]
note: This is a free standing event, entrance to the venue will be granted on a first come first serve basis (wtf?)

For more info and further details for the ticketing outlets, don’t forget to visit the official website:

=2nd update=

Ok i have sent an email some time ago to further clarify some things, which went:

Hi There,

I wish to inquire more details regarding the May’N Concert in Malaysia on the 7th of March. First off:

1) It is mentioned that the ticketing starts on 9th Feb, does this mean that on 12AM Sharp 9th Feb i am able to purchase the tickets?
2) I have heard that the online purchase is only for Singaporeans, is this true? Why can’t Malaysians purchase via online method?
3) Also please clarify regarding “entrance to the venue will be granted on a first come first serve basis”, does this mean even if i have a valid ticket, and the event is full i am denied of entry?
4) Considering this is a free seating event (why do this in the first place and not have priority seatings for people willing to spend more/buy early?), are we allowed to camp early for the event so that we can have front row ‘seatings’?
5) Also, based on past experiences, just to be sure, are photography/video recording allowed?
6) Will light sticks be provided?
7) Is is possible for an autograph event/fan session after the concert?

And finally they replied a short while ago before this update:

1. Yes the ticket sales starts at 12am sharp on 9th feb
2. No, Malaysian can purchase the tickets online too
3. No, every ticket holder will gain access to the venue, that sentence means that people who comes first will be more likely to get better spot at the concert as they go in first (front rows)
4. You can come earlier to queue for best spot but regarding camping we are not sure is it allowed for KL Live, we will suggest you to wait for our confirmation before you start camping there
5. No photography and Video taking is allowed in concerts, action will be took to anyone who is caught recording or taking photo in the scene
6. Light sticks will not be provided
7. Regarding the autograph even/fan session, it is not decided yet, please wait for our further announcement

So there you go 🙂

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