May’N Autograph, again? More May’N Concert updates

Well, lol much at the late post, to the point my ‘extra’ birth day plans/planned birthday post went gg, still, doing it anyways as some people may have miss it regardless.

Starting off: To all ticket holders purchased before 23/02/10, your ticket stands a chance to win an autograph from May’N. Simply put, 80 lucky draw ticket holders will be getting an autograph on the exclusive May’n BIG☆WAAAAAVE Asia tour poster. Whats more, one lucky winner will be getting an Exclusive Sheryl Nome figure by megahouse. Refer post by linkinstreet on LYN: here. As well as the facebook fan page here:

quoting the most important detail:

Q: How will I know if I am the winner?
A: If you are one of the 80 winners, your 4-digit serial number will be published after 26/02/10 on the official May’n Facebook  Fan page.

And as you’ve probably guessed on the post title – yes, i am one of the winner too lol.


May’N will be having a special appearance at AnimeTech L-1.23 at Sunway Pyramid later on today, 06/03/10 Saturday at 4PM. Concert ticket holders will stand a chance to win the above listed giveaway prizes. To those who have not yet gotten their ticket, now is your last chance to do so, and guess what, AnimeTech members get 30% off the ticket price, and renewal is only MYR10 while new membership costs MYR20.

That’s all for the updates, see you guys tomorrow at Sunway as i will be there and most importantly, Sunday at KL Live for yet another awesome concert by May’N.

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