TFM Gathering at Valho’s, my belated Birthday

About last 2 weeks ago(07-03-09), folks from The Figure Mall held a gathering at Valho’s place, for god knows whatever reasons. (I think it was due to monday being a public holiday, maybe. I knew i spent mondays sleeping instead of slaving working at office) Since my birthday just passed a few days ago(05-03-09), i figured that id throw up some self gratification surprise and secretly planned for my own birthday cake – a Horo Cake.

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Happy new year 2009 from Death Meets Moe

Happy new year 2009 to everyone from DMM! And since it is the year of the cow/moo/ox/things that gives milk, i hereby present you a random cowgirl image! Hope you guys enjoy that haha. Many things happened in 2008, namely the creation of this blog? LOL! Ive thought of providing some highlights of anime and what not, but thats pretty much covered by many many other blogs, so didnt feel like the right thing to do at the moment, especially with so many blog drafts to clear. (like the AFA/CF ones lol) MAYBE id do it sometime later but most likely not as by the time i got around it, it’d be meaningless 😛

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ACF’08 Coverage

Hey everyone and once again i welcome you all for yet another late update. (almost 1 week rofl) As ive promissed from the last update, here i bring you, a “minor” ACF’08 update 🙂 Why minor if you may ask? I’ll be honest: i ended up sleeping + lazying till around 5ish pm, and only reach Berjaya Times Square around 6+PM. By the time I’m there, the cosplay competition came to an end with the grand final performance.

Thankfully, the gang at TFM informed me that i havent missed much and the entire event is just so-so. So we just hang out as usual, and even go our own (and mind you, MUCH better) cosplayers thanks to Aiko’s (can visit her blog via the link on the sidebar) friends 😀

As i need to get my EPF statement + prepare for AFA’08, again, i will spare you guys the long essays and start on with the entire gallery load.

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