Comic Fiesta 2009

Finally got off my slacking rear to post up Blazblue Comic Fiesta 2009, and all in all, it was a really enjoyable event with the folks from The Figure Mall (TFM)/Little Akiba (LA) as usual, and if you’re wondering about the post picture, yes, i spent literally half day, on both days, playing Blazblue with fellow TFM member Franstormer and Sichiri at Game Axis booth (thanks fatcat Lim XD) LOL! Don’t think i am going to do much writeup/coverage considering the above with the remainder of my time spent manning at TFM figure display booth, you know, my precious figures were on display too and the so called “barricade” this year was even worse as it is capable of sending shock waves through our line of figures and having many close calls D:

Regardless, I still took a decent amount of pictures and it will still be worth the read up and i will be breaking them down in to “sections” so you may just focus on particular sections that interests you.

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Storm Warriors, Comic Fiesta 2009 updates, and TFM x LA

So like, yeah this movie sucks because(click to show spoiler):

[spoiler]Cloud dies and chu chu (cho cho in cantonese lol) dies LIKE OMG THE PEOPLE THAT MATTERS DIE. Oh and that canon guy dies too but thats a given, lol. Wheres mah “moving cloud palms” move too D: At least theres gate of babylon amirite fate/stay fans? wwwww[/spoiler]

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Comic Fiesta 2009, and Inuyasha final act Animax event

Its been a long while since my last update, and all i have to say is, World of Warcraft and Resident Evil 5 together does very very evil things to your time. I mean, grand winrar of 1 post for the entire September month, it’s almost as if I’m giving up on the site altogether and I don’t blame any of you readers (those that are still following anyways ^^;) for thinking the same. Fear not, the server’s running on annual subscription and my salary is more than enough to keep it running XD. Anyways, obligatory update: Apparently I’m still up for being CF 2009 affiliated blogger, and as such there will be continued updates from Comic Fiesta. So here i bring you 2 of such updates.

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