Comic Fiesta 2009

Finally got off my slacking rear to post up Blazblue Comic Fiesta 2009, and all in all, it was a really enjoyable event with the folks from The Figure Mall (TFM)/Little Akiba (LA) as usual, and if you’re wondering about the post picture, yes, i spent literally half day, on both days, playing Blazblue with fellow TFM member Franstormer and Sichiri at Game Axis booth (thanks fatcat Lim XD) LOL! Don’t think i am going to do much writeup/coverage considering the above with the remainder of my time spent manning at TFM figure display booth, you know, my precious figures were on display too and the so called “barricade” this year was even worse as it is capable of sending shock waves through our line of figures and having many close calls D:

Regardless, I still took a decent amount of pictures and it will still be worth the read up and i will be breaking them down in to “sections” so you may just focus on particular sections that interests you.

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Daicon 2009 update – Chihara Minori

Here is another update for Daicon 2009, and it will be a pretty BIG one. Assuming you’ve already noticed the title and started going crazy with all the excitement (or in doubt for potential rick roll), yes, this is no April’s fool joke, the dates doesn’t show “1st April” – That’s right, popular Japanese seiyu (voice actor) and singer, Chihara Minori is visiting Malaysia to grace us at Daicon 2009!

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Daicon 2009

Daicon 2009, another ACG (AnimeComicGames) event happening at MMU Cyberjaya, Malaysia. This time around this seems a lot more promising with it being handled by Kurogane, also a fellow /AS/ member, and from the looks of it, outside the lack of big budget against events such as the previous AFA08, this one seems to be up for the best event of 2009. As such, i have also applied to being an Affiliated blogger for this event, and with this, expect coming updates for Daicon 2009 along with coverage of it when the time has come.

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Comic Fiesta 2008 Updates

Ok to you disappointed readers, first off i apologize for the slowking updates. (especially those that were looking forward to the AFA08 day2/updates) Work + World of warcraft = bad for blogging business LOL XD
Slight announcement: sadly DMM will be on this slowpoke pace until im done with my IRL work project which involved me working until night getting home around  10-11pm or even later. And as mentioned, with WoW new season arena opening up, and the slowpoke fact that im still not a 80 like the rest of the kewl kidz, i gotta put in some extra effort in playing catch up with the damn world. Now, i did mention announcement right? thats right – LookingFor WRITERS/CONTRIBUTORS FOR DMM. there you go. If you are interested in blogging but couldnt be bothered to start your own blog, have a passion for otaku’ism or world of warcraft, or better yet, both, DO send me an email/instant message and see if we can work things out 🙂

Fear not, for i have redemption for my slowpoke sins. As some of you may have guessed, thats right! I got invited to be an affiliated blogger for Comic Fiesta 2008, and got a kewl kidz klub – dubbed: KKK media pass! Awesome…right? RIGHT?!

Honestly speaking though, it really isnt much of an update, more so if you do actually visit CF08 official webby. But hey, copy-pasta news is better than no news at all, right?

So here you are, a FLURRY of copy-pastas.

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AFA’08 Coverage

“Hell, its about time.” <– i know right? lol. Like, it could’ve been out latest tuesday, but nooooo, tmnut screamyx decided to give me a nice surprise buttsecks, and threw me back to the stoneage. So like, i was stuck with some 2KB/sec uploads that constantly time out, and some filtered out 140ish pictures (just the first day – saturday) or so to upload to the server. Like yeah, not gonna happen.

Anyways off with the rage, more AFA08! So, like the usual eager fanboi packing his stuff for the trip, i magically left out my handphone as i left it to charge. And thanks to some crappy accident, or more specifically, THANK YOU MALAYSIANS for raping the traffic by slowing/stopping down their god damned cars to watch the scene, i never got to turn back to grab it.

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