Recent loots-Horo Dakimakura, Himari Figure and 2D affection

Just gotten Horo¬†dakimakura and ‘datass‘ Himari figure from Chara-Ani last Saturday and i felt like doing a post about it, so here it is. Come to think of it, i have been leveling up quite a bit looking back at my previous Dakimakura post. With this new addition i will be having a total of 4 Dakimakuras lying around and while i wont be using 2 of them, 2 Horo able to interchange time to time to slow down wear and tear is definitely a good thing.

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Dakimakura fever! otaku level goes up?

Dakimakura, popular topic amongst otaku, very difficult to obtain depending on various situations or maybe blantant bullshit excuse, and, i got one. Thats right, journey through all 9 hells and the seven seas around 4 months of searching after hardening my resolve to acquire such an item, and around/over MYR700 in cash, yes. It is done. The irony of this post, or more accurately, post title? I actually had a pretty bad fever along with cough/flu altogether (on my friggin Birthday too /cry). But of course, my dakimakura is completed, and there she was, by my side as i recover from my sickness.

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