Recent loots-Horo Dakimakura, Himari Figure and 2D affection

Just gotten Horo dakimakura and ‘datass‘ Himari figure from Chara-Ani last Saturday and i felt like doing a post about it, so here it is. Come to think of it, i have been leveling up quite a bit looking back at my previous Dakimakura post. With this new addition i will be having a total of 4 Dakimakuras lying around and while i wont be using 2 of them, 2 Horo able to interchange time to time to slow down wear and tear is definitely a good thing.

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Japanese figurines coming alive!

Just when you think it cant get any better
2 Cutie pie violating teh meido


Im sure i wont be the first blog to blog about the newly released virtual figurine, but ill do it anyways for the sake of hopping on the hype bandwagon. As you can see from the 2 youtube videos above, its exactly what it is, a virtual figurine. Basically you have those sensor cube thingies, along with a webcam, and you get to play with your figure, in your PC! Its that simple.

If only it can be like those futuristic sci-fi stuff you see from tv or the movies, having those cube thingies projecting a holographic image directly instead of it being displayed on just your monitor. That would the ultimate win.

As for myself, ill give it a wait on getting one for myself as the price is a hefty around/over rm450. That, and it is currently in japanese language only. Installing it in japanese would be one problem, while the fact that all the controls/commands in japanese would sorta take out quite a number of fun with your new plaything 😛


Me: “lol undress”

Meido: “Hai?”

Me: “Clothes! Off!”

Meido: “Wakarimasen lol!” ┐(‘~`;)┌

Me: /facepalm

If you guys noticed on the above youtube’s comments, our great faptastic country – NIPPON! (Japan) is finally allowing us to actually viola- i mean, INTERACT with our figures, resulting in a lot of nutbladder explosions. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
If anything, i enjoyed a bit more in reading the comments than watching the actual youtube 😛

So in closing, heres to hoping for an international release for us moonrune disabled weaboos. And NO! i do NOT mean dub. Like, maybe subtitles or some shit, english installation and controls/commands. Thats all.

Figurine galleries are now UP! (part 1)

Ok guys, finally i have done setting up the gallery pages for your viewing pleasure. They are basically recycled images from my previous photoshootings which i have posted on TFM (The Figure Mall) so if you have been a TFM customer or are active within its figurine community, you probably already seen them. Nonetheless it will be featured on this blog site as it is also a main coverage of this blog.

Without further delays, i present you Yoko Ritona from TTGL (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)


and Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo):


Note: Click the above images to enter their respective gallery. And as for enma ai, ive featured a cameo who is our LEGENDARY MANKOTO. In case you’re wondering: