Dakimakura fever! otaku level goes up?

Dakimakura, popular topic amongst otaku, very difficult to obtain depending on various situations or maybe blantant bullshit excuse, and, i got one. Thats right, journey through all 9 hells and the seven seas around 4 months of searching after hardening my resolve to acquire such an item, and around/over MYR700 in cash, yes. It is done. The irony of this post, or more accurately, post title? I actually had a pretty bad fever along with cough/flu altogether (on my friggin Birthday too /cry). But of course, my dakimakura is completed, and there she was, by my side as i recover from my sickness.

Now where should i start? While i had everything drafted, i just couldnt quite compile everything altogether into a decent write up for this post. Hell, to be honest it was supposed to be 2 post with the first one being the cover arrival and the other being the completed dakimakura as it took me about 3-4 days after my cover arrived to get the dakimakura body made. Oh, go die in a fire or something Valho.

Right! the beginning. Well, there isnt really one, ive ALWAYS wanted a dakimakura since i got hooked into the otaku world and things broadened with my paycheck, credit card access, and know-hows on online purchasing for anime merchandises. My excuse reason back then, was just simply my paycheck not being fat enough to be stupid and spend ~MYR400+ excluding shipping for a piece of cloth. That, and i didnt particularly had any character that im really really fond of to the point i want to hug her every night to sleep.

What happened down the road? Well theres Jcdish being a poisonous fiend spreading his dakimakura plague around TFM, and me having a promotion with a slightly fatter paycheck, some insanity, and thats it. Unfortunate that i couldnt be the first idiot in TFM to blow a few hundred for a piece of cloth, that obviously went to Jcdish. I do however got a nice idiot number 2 with a limited/exclusive dakimakura from Comiket 74/75 😀

With all that said, i bring you the main event – PICTARS!

 The cover finally arrived around 27th Feb 2009 😀

Why horo as my daki if you may ask? Quite frankly, i dont even know. Most likely from the anime? Good voice acting from Koshimizu Ami prolly played one of the most important factor in making the character “Horo” amongst my favorite. Anyways to continue the pictures…

Dakimakura body obtained on 03-03-09. The day i started feeling sick

Dakimakura body obtained on 03-03-09. The day i started feeling sick

And just like in the anime, Horo being the naughty girl she is, taking up half my bed and almost my entire pillow D:

Seriously though, with that kinda alluring pose beckoning, its just so hard to resist. Now if you would excuse me –

Originally i was half naked without a shirt, but halfway down that i figured i might as well get dressed so i dont scare away little of what my readerbase is.
All in all i was laughing so hard while doing it. And if you’re gonna ask, that was “Take 2”. 😛
Special thanks goes to Jcdish for being a poisonous faggot,  Serena from ComicFiesta forums for all her help in making this happen, The furniture guy (i believe, carpenter? lol) for making the body which sadly, i dont know his name duh! (friend of my mom)

Some links of interest: 
Hope you enjoy this post as with the rest, and thats it for now. 


p/s: No Horo’s were harmed during the making of this post.

Author: Quazacolt

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55 thoughts on “Dakimakura fever! otaku level goes up?”

  1. @setsuna: haha my mom wasnt too happy, but i guess its all good that horo didnt end up a pile of ashes after weeks XD
    oh and she helped me fix up horo’s zipper as i broke it for being the impatient idiot i am the moment i made the last push on inserting the polyester body >.>

    @ichiro: something to do with oshiri? /cringe


  2. not really idiot, but got determination to own dakimakura.
    i mean most people give up after seeing the cost + hassle of shipping.

    ps: are you sure you can peacefully sleep with such alluring pillow? XD
    since you brought dakimakura, i give you suggestion on how to increase next otaku level. go brought a 1/1 silicon doll as your pillow ^^ you will gain 80 lvl in one go lol.


  3. @kevinlmw: well for sure, it does take a lot of determination. and if you’re prepared to face a lot of opinions/criticism for owning a dakimakura. I’m probably lucky that people within my family (while not particularly supportive) doesn’t really mind my Otaku/gaming hobbies and the recent daki purchase. (again, the cost is what my family concerns more)

    And yes, i certainly can peacefully sleep with that hug-pillow. In fact theres never once that i would want to get to bed as much as i do now with her lying on it 😉
    In a way, i suppose it would improve my health as before this i tend to sleep only 2-5 hours on weekdays and that is certainly taking a toll on my body.

    as for silicon doll, i believe you meant candy girls? 😛
    those are in the 5 digit range, and Malaysian customs will be… troublesome. if i can somehow ensure that i can get pass customs, then i definitely can consider getting one shipped over 🙂


  4. quazacolt> lawl other than few friends, there not much people who visit my room anyway XD.
    Family wise mom might babble a bit, considering she did babble the fact my figure taking over my desk and waste money. but dad don`t really give a damn as long it something purchased with my own earning ^^.

    Yea i realise the fact of opinions/criticism parts, although it don`t really apply on dakimakura alone, some girls i know feel disgusted by people who merely in possession or purchasing figure.
    Perhaps i am thick skinned or don`t really care (might be one of reason i am single LOL) about their criticism /opinions as i just want to enjoy my life and do whatever i wanted to do since life is short XD

    heheh i sleep around 5-6 hours on weekdays, but sleep 10 hours on weekend to cover back lack of sleep. well in your case i thinking ownning a dakimakura is definely good idea for you heheh

    yea candy girls, at the price of one kancil cars price lol. it around rm20k ++ it amazing how some loli type of it more expensive than adult type =.=” i means smaller/shorter should less material require and less cost right?
    indeed the malaysian custom is troublesome, not to mention service is poor that i don`t really dare to ship anything here.

    btw saw your room post XD, will post mine too when the one i purchased domain and hosting give me the log in name and account ^^
    Ps: somehow i feel your horo is poisoning me to get one too =.=” maybe it just my illusion


  5. @kevinlmw: Well, sorta same here. The catch though, is me posting my room on the internet 😛

    as for customs, service is one thing. the fact that a candy girl would be classified as an adult material would mean that it will be confiscated and having 5 digit gone for no reason is just, not fun at all.

    Pretty much, i suppose it wouldn’t be a lie if i said the whole grand scheme of this post is to poison everyone to buy dakimakuras? 😛


  6. haha well quite true unless the girls ifself is otaku too lol

    according to plan eh. heheh maybe i will get one soon, who know? it will be nice if i have some connection with large printing company. then my room will be filled with that XD

    btw finally! My blog is up. my room somehow is lacking dakimakura to complete lol

    here is it http://www.kevinlmw.com/news

    let me know if you got any idea to improve the site^^

    kevinlmw’s last blog post…Link / Networking


  7. oh i got it, just like your web can stretch the width according to the browser screen. googling some article see if they teach how to modify the css code.
    If you have the link, let me know.


  8. @kevinlmw: yeah basically that. and the code comes with the WP theme i use, and i pretty much suck at CSS, so cant help you at all sorry XD
    well if my friend sees this and decided to drop a reply, then you may check with him heh. he basically does most of the work of this site 😛 (srsly!)


  9. quazacolt>oh i see, the wp theme i use didn`t have such code. I suck at css too, i only can modify basic stuff such as width,change layout and replace link only. i cannot create a complex css style.
    oh, then i just can wish your friends willing to drop by XD. btw may i know which wp theme you using? i think i can study the css style of the theme you using and apply in my theme.

    btw thanks for the tip^^ i appreciate your help.

    kevinlmw’s last blog post…(April fool) Tokyotosho.com joke of the days


  10. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t own a dakimakura, it would feel too weird. That said of course, I’ve seen many that are appealing enough to almost entice me into reconsidering my position. As mentioned by others though, they’re quite expensive and I have other things that require my hard earned dollars instead.

    How do you find the quality of the dakimakura? I keep thinking it’s produced by TAKI Corp, but perhaps those are the bed sheets I’ve seen. I ask because of a previous poor experience with TAKI which has scared me away from any products they produce. Despite my first paragraph, I’d love to have a Horo dakimakura, or perhaps better just a good poster, but it seems for the most part they’re of a design I don’t find appealing. Or they’re by TAKI Corp, and I don’t find them appealing at all.



  11. hahah ill hold those words against you when you finally get yours few years down the road 😛
    at least thats almost what every dakimakura owners used to say before getting theirs (i know i did)

    as for the quality, superb. the fabric isnt your usual “too-damn-silky” type of polyester. not sure how i would describe it, but its really smooth, so it really feels nice to touch (or hug heh) though not too smooth to the point youd have a hard time having a grip on to it. It also never produces wrinkles unlike your normal clothing so even if you plan to… you know, play with it, you dont have to like iron it or something later 😛
    the printing was also down to the threads so the colors are really bright and accurate, and shouldnt fade easily after washes.

    And yes, Taki is producing 3 bedsheets which i have one on its way from japan and should arrive around next week ^^
    maybe once i got them and post up a review you can rethink of Taki. In all honesty i dont think they are all that bad, but if ur gonna compare them with the bigger/more popular figure companies, taki aint gonna win at all heh.

    Also i honestly have no idea who the hell made my dakimakura cover. Its a limited edition event exclusive daki thats from comiket 74//75 and ive paid more than ive should thanks to its rarity and people hiking its price. At that point its either i buy it or i dont, and ive chosen to go for it. that said, it is officially listed in S&W merchandise list, so it isnt fan made either. Sadly i cant read moonrunes else i probably could’ve dug up more information on it (or at least EASE my long MONTHS of searching for this)
    There is another normal version btw, however that one is based on the manga/LN (more towards LN i believe) and its only single sided, and is slightly smaller than your standard 160×50/150×50 dakimakura sizes.


  12. I used to say the same thing about anime figures, then I purchased one… and I haven’t stopped since. I’m up to 12 with 10 on pre-order. I started collecting last year around this time. So the possibility of me picking up a dakimakura is probably rising as the days go by. But I think I’ll try and hold off as long as I can.

    Unfortunately I haven’t found the S&W merchandise to be as appealing as other series. I loved the anime, and would love to own the light novels if they’d just release them! But I feel like the artists they get to work on the merchandise aren’t the level I’d really like.

    If they were to match my expectations, I think we’d be having a different conversation. A conversation along the lines of “How do you get a stain out of this material?” er I mean… how much I love the design.

    <3 Horo



  13. oh WOW, coincidence. i started collecting somewhere around may 2008 as well! and http://www.thefiguremall.com/member/Quazacolt lol at the ammount of figures missing a few pieces (database incomplete lol unlike tsukiboard) and not including pre-orders.

    well to me, so long the particular merchandise is accurate enough, and its anime based horo, im a sucker for it. my only solace is that im pretty much skipping all of the manga based horo merchandises minus the figure by Kotobukiya.

    oh and, whos to say you cant “create” your own merchandise? 😛
    my new Dell Studio XPS 1340 laptop is “ita-sha’ed” with horo on it XD
    havent got the time to do a full “review” of it, but you may catch a glimpse of it from the Cyberfusion post via http://www.quazacolt.com/personally-quazacolt/2009/04/cyberfusion-2009-guinness-world-records/

    srsly though, dont we all <3 Horo? 😛
    p/s: incoming Azone Horo doll~


  14. I see the laptop but I don’t see Horo on it! Liar! 😛

    We share 5 of the same figures, Shiki, Yami, Yami again, Haruhi and Horo (when my GSC version arrives, and again when your Koto version arrives). My list is at tsukiboard.

    Only merchandise I create is posters from stitched together paper. I have two Eruru posters that way. I haven’t found a Horo picture I want to do it to yet. Most of the pictures I like the most are too small to blow up that large. But I keep looking.



  15. XD

    ooh nice list too 😀
    TFM is totally crazed over saber lily and BRS btw 😛 (not me though XD)

    oh ya if ur looking for huge resolutions, the DVD/BD torrents have high resolution scans (rangin from 2k-10k resolution :P)
    some other good sources are gelbooru/moe.imouto/danbooru sites

    and yes, i do have quite a stash of horo images LOL
    in fact the one used for my laptop is from a 3-4k resolution image


  16. I’ve only got approx 800 W&S images saved to disk. And I use the software moe.imouto uses to organize my images on my home network. But I just haven’t found one that really gets me yet, some do, but she’s always naked and I want something with clothes….



  17. {Quote from http://honestlywhatevergoes.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/getting-a-dakimakura-body/

    If you think all this is just too much effort for a dakimakura, think again. They aren’t just anime characters printed on cloth. They are Characters, and deliciously nice to hug when going to bed. Sanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


    Quazacolt had in fact gotten a contact that will make you a dakimakura body for around RM50. You’ll have to go to his blog if you want to know more.}

    Is this man telling the truth?

    I am interested. Pls reply thanks.


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