Quazacolt’s room update

It’s been a while since the previous room post on this very site here, and the ones from Danny Choo’s Figure.fm: room, workspace, video tour. So what got me to posting this up if you may wonder? That would be this: http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/25940/Another+300+USD+Giveaway+Rooms.html

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Recent loots-Horo Dakimakura, Himari Figure and 2D affection

Just gotten Horo dakimakura and ‘datass‘ Himari figure from Chara-Ani last Saturday and i felt like doing a post about it, so here it is. Come to think of it, i have been leveling up quite a bit looking back at my previous Dakimakura post. With this new addition i will be having a total of 4 Dakimakuras lying around and while i wont be using 2 of them, 2 Horo able to interchange time to time to slow down wear and tear is definitely a good thing.

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Otaku cooking – Alfredo and Carbonara Spaghetti

Wow, managed to drag this post for like… an entire friggin month based on the EXIF data lol. So that Saturday i was supposed to go for a haircut, while my mom went shopping at a local mall. With my lol luck, the barber is closed and i ended up joining my mom for shopping instead and we’re only shopping groceries. Out of a sudden thought, i just felt like having spaghetti, and its been a while since I’ve had some nice creamy Alfredo/Carbonara spaghetti.

Eventually that thought evolved into cooking some nice Alfredo Spaghetti for myself out of the random, and usually its a rarity for otakus being tied with cooking, as instant (and cheap!) food stuff would be the general preference (such as instant cup noodles). And on the day itself – Sunday, the whole idea of taking photos and even making a blog post about it never even occurred to me until the idea of taking some pictures of the spaghetti for my sister that isn’t coming home this week (lives at her university dorm) just to tease her.

From there, I’ve gotten myself some nice pictures, and of course, i decided to write up about the whole recipe and process on preparing this dish. Don’t worry, its really simple, just time consuming and takes up a bit of cash XD So if you’re interested in preparing yourself some nice spaghetti, read on after the fold.

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PC death, New Motherboard, and previously bought New HDD

Despite my efforts to keep up April’s post count, and possibly improve it, i was being lazy slammed down with many BS which includes but not limited to – My PC being dead. So hey, might as well turn this into a blog post eh? 😛 I’ll promise to make this one good, so long you stick through it 😀 (oh and Solomon, ill definitely get those pictures processed >_<)

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TFM Gathering at Valho’s, my belated Birthday

About last 2 weeks ago(07-03-09), folks from The Figure Mall held a gathering at Valho’s place, for god knows whatever reasons. (I think it was due to monday being a public holiday, maybe. I knew i spent mondays sleeping instead of slaving working at office) Since my birthday just passed a few days ago(05-03-09), i figured that id throw up some self gratification surprise and secretly planned for my own birthday cake – a Horo Cake.

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Dakimakura fever! otaku level goes up?

Dakimakura, popular topic amongst otaku, very difficult to obtain depending on various situations or maybe blantant bullshit excuse, and, i got one. Thats right, journey through all 9 hells and the seven seas around 4 months of searching after hardening my resolve to acquire such an item, and around/over MYR700 in cash, yes. It is done. The irony of this post, or more accurately, post title? I actually had a pretty bad fever along with cough/flu altogether (on my friggin Birthday too /cry). But of course, my dakimakura is completed, and there she was, by my side as i recover from my sickness.

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