Death Meets Moe hacked

image source: pixiv illustrator macozi page can’t really seem to find a computer/hacking related image for some reason, and since Danganronpa is just about to end, i guess it’s somewhat fitting


So a couple of weeks ago you guys would have come across an image that looks like this:
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Death Meets Moe updates

From Spice and Wolf II Blu-ray special 01 i present you: Sleeping Horo! Ain’t she adorable? :3 Seriously though, Death Meets Moe just went through some rather major updates and optimization and the most apparent one would be the site’s loading improvement. (which i am still working on improving it further)

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Death Meets Moe first year anniversary

18th October, the anniversary for Death Meets Moe website. I am guessing that many have been waiting for this post? I’ve noticed a huge traffic surge and F5’s on the statistics page XD Anyways sorry for the late post as usual, but hey, at least I’ve made it heh. The website has been through a lot during the whole 1 year, and accumulating almost 30k unique visits in total, with an average of 100-200 uniques per day. This would not have happened without you guys that visit to this site. Much thanks to you all 🙂

Honestly, i don’t even know what to write up for this post, my writing skills have obviously gone down the drain with the recent inactivity on my postings(not implying I’m a great writer to begin with anyways XD). So i guess I’ll keep this short and simple – again, Many thanks to everyone that’s been around with me, the site. Special mentions/thanks to the people from, and To those I’ve forgotten to mention, apologies on missing you out, rest assured that i am grateful for you as well.


Fun facts:

  • Quazacolt | October 18, 2009 | 11:59:49 <– i was 11 seconds on failing this post oTL
  • My little sister’s birthday is on the exact date/day of my blog post. So yeah sorta had cake and all (i know right? inb4cake is a lie)
  • Yes, she commented on my site before 😉