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From Spice and Wolf II Blu-ray special 01 i present you: Sleeping Horo! Ain’t she adorable? :3 Seriously though, Death Meets Moe just went through some rather major updates and optimization and the most apparent one would be the site’s loading improvement. (which i am still working on improving it further)

Out of random: Time to time, and especially lately, I’ve been randomly getting comments/praises/questions if I’m a designer or something, I’m really flattered to say the least, and thank you for the kind words. However not to disappoint (idunnolol), i work as IT support and my creativity is by no means anywhere the level of an actual designer would be. The site, and everything on it (be it my photography) is entirely my hobby/passion, and I have received a TON of help from my Danish friend Jesper (Aphexdk) upon creating this site. If you want to get to know an actual professional designer, you could probably check out Valho’s site.

Anyways back to the actual news post, I am sure frequent visitors would’ve noticed the occasion side bar breaking and comment section going bonkers on the colors etc. Well that’s all done (for now anyways heh) and the sites fully updated with the latest word press 2.9 and having its theme and layout tweaked a little. Not to forget, as mentioned above, i have moved all the site’s counter/statistics plugins/widgets to another isolated page so it will not load/called upon on any pages and its resulting in huge performance improvement to the site.

As quoted from the new ‘DMM Site stats‘ page if you haven’t been there already: (do pay it a visit, it’ll be a little surprising ;))

note: This page works fine with Firefox and Chrome but for some reason IE 8 (I am not even going to bother on anything lower than 8 now, sorry) will not display the right sidebar showing some weird ’Message: ‘gadgets’ is undefined’ error. You can go compatibility mode to get it out, however it just completely ravages the sidebar/site layout which is pointless. It only happens to this page and things will go back to normal once you navigate away by clicking ‘Home‘ or the title above the header itself (which im even linking it within this note too.

If you happen to know a fix, do let me know via:

So yeah lol IE, quite frankly, i don’t think i want to bother fixing that as its just the damn bar and the page shouldn’t be something you’d visit frequently unless… Well anyways even Jesper gave me:
while (LayoutFuxored==1 && browser==IE) {changeBrowser()}
when i initially approached him for a fix. Since I’m no good on debugging (lol firebug, i don’t even use Firefox XD) And with the above quote, i guess i will leave it as it is. That said though, i still use IE sometimes, though its like what, 10-20% of my total browser usage compared to almost fully before Chrome showed up.

Of course, this wouldn’t be happening without a few great people helping me along, and in no particular order, i would like to thank Exiled_Gundam, Jesper (Aphexdk), Dominik, you guys have been great help for sure, so again, thank you very much. (and Happy belated birthday to Exiled Gundam ^^)


If you are still encountering layout/css errors/problems, do refresh your browser as it is most likely using an old cache. Oh and somehow the ‘read more’ function decided to broke on this post, which i fixed it manually later oTL

Author: Quazacolt

refer to my about me page on DMM:

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  1. wow! thanks so much for hearing my cries for a picture and wall paper of horo sleeping… :(( im so happy i actually crying right now… thanks so much and more power… and if there’s anything i could help please don’t hesitate to ask or send me email…


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