Death Meets Moe hacked

image source: pixiv illustrator macozi page can’t really seem to find a computer/hacking related image for some reason, and since Danganronpa is just about to end, i guess it’s somewhat fitting


So a couple of weeks ago you guys would have come across an image that looks like this:
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Merry Christmas 2011 from Death Meets Moe and Happy Ikaros day!


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Death Meets Moe as well as Happy birthday to Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono!

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Death Meets Moe updates

From Spice and Wolf II Blu-ray special 01 i present you: Sleeping Horo! Ain’t she adorable? :3 Seriously though, Death Meets Moe just went through some rather major updates and optimization and the most apparent one would be the site’s loading improvement. (which i am still working on improving it further)

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Happy new year 2010 from Death Meets Moe

Image source: pixiv member chunpai

It’s almost as if 2009 new year was just yesterday with the coming of 2010 new year, time does fly and we are now entering a new year of the taiga Tiger 2010! So yeah, Happy new year 2010 to everyone out there from DMM! May you have a lootful (otakus lol) and prosperous year~

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