Death Meets Moe hacked

image source: pixiv illustrator macozi page can’t really seem to find a computer/hacking related image for some reason, and since Danganronpa is just about to end, i guess it’s somewhat fitting


So a couple of weeks ago you guys would have come across an image that looks like this:

The easiest conclusion of that is that my site is hacked considering the last time i’ve done changes to it is probably few months ago while the last post was on 2nd of September 2012 even. I immediate took measures in contacting my hosting provider and look up solutions/advises on how to deal with this issue.

After some troublesome work/manual cleaning having the malicious codes removed/deleted in addition to the great help from my Dreamhost provider, everything is finally resolved now as shown from an online scan from sucuri:

 All the blacklists have been lifted including google’s so yeah, no worries on browsing over at now 🙂

Author: Quazacolt

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