ACF’08 Coverage

Hey everyone and once again i welcome you all for yet another late update. (almost 1 week rofl) As ive promissed from the last update, here i bring you, a “minor” ACF’08 update 🙂 Why minor if you may ask? I’ll be honest: i ended up sleeping + lazying till around 5ish pm, and only reach Berjaya Times Square around 6+PM. By the time I’m there, the cosplay competition came to an end with the grand final performance.

Thankfully, the gang at TFM informed me that i havent missed much and the entire event is just so-so. So we just hang out as usual, and even go our own (and mind you, MUCH better) cosplayers thanks to Aiko’s (can visit her blog via the link on the sidebar) friends 😀

As i need to get my EPF statement + prepare for AFA’08, again, i will spare you guys the long essays and start on with the entire gallery load.

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WoW: WOTLK Malaysia Release

With the above picture, i suppose you know what’s coming. Again, another belated post, as i was supposed to get this done yesterday but hey, cant defy the Lich King‘s will now can we? I thought Malaysia’s going to be following US timezone release, which would be around Friday 1pm, apparently not, as it was pushed ahead (as with US themselves btw) to Thursday having a simultaneous release for WOTLK and so i had to rush for it after work to ALL IT (they were having some queue for freebies, like, 22″ LCD YO!) at Low Yat Plaza to grab my own copy.

So like, i managed to grab Sichiri along, since he got a camera phone (i know, its crap, but something at this point is better than nothin) where i have nothing to snap pictures for the event. When we arrived ALL IT at around 6:40? 6:50pm, like… lolwut? Wheres the party? Upon asking a staff, we just realized that it was over. (despite the damn thing saying it starts on 7pm lolwut?) Cant help but have the constant feeling that the ALL IT staff(s) are having the following look on us:


Anyways, i got myself a copy for MYR165 along with goodie bag, had some lol beef ball noodles with Sichiri, and head home for the win. Without further delays, here are the pictures of my loot:

As usual, the high res pics follow:


Ok, initially i planned to have my “Yami-Chan adventures” included in this, however since i have no idea how to split galleries and showing the pictures 1 by 1 without the gallery plugin on another 10+ pictures can be a mess. Ill have this posted on a following post, expect it sometime tonight if the Lich King doesnt completely dominate my mind :3