ACF’08 Coverage

Hey everyone and once again i welcome you all for yet another late update. (almost 1 week rofl) As ive promissed from the last update, here i bring you, a “minor” ACF’08 update 🙂 Why minor if you may ask? I’ll be honest: i ended up sleeping + lazying till around 5ish pm, and only reach Berjaya Times Square around 6+PM. By the time I’m there, the cosplay competition came to an end with the grand final performance.

Thankfully, the gang at TFM informed me that i havent missed much and the entire event is just so-so. So we just hang out as usual, and even go our own (and mind you, MUCH better) cosplayers thanks to Aiko’s (can visit her blog via the link on the sidebar) friends 😀

As i need to get my EPF statement + prepare for AFA’08, again, i will spare you guys the long essays and start on with the entire gallery load.

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AFA’08 + May’N VIP passes another update

Sorry for the belated (almost 1 week! >_<) update for my ticket purchase dear readers XD
But here it is, i shall present you 2 screenshots that will explain everything.

So this is it, it is secured, and i will be getting to meet THE May’N in person, get an autograph from her, and a handshake with my sweaty otaku hands covered with unspeakable white form of liquid as well, along with an exclusive entrance to AFA08, with front row VIP seats during the concert performance. Is the SGD118 worth it? OH HELL YEAH it is.


To Make up for my belated update, I’m gonna treat you guys to more AFA’08 update goodies if you guys haven’t went to their website recently. I will leave out the previous details that i’ve covered on my previous blog post to avoid redundancy, but if you’ve never read my previous post or any details regarding AFA’08, do head to their official website, or my previous blog post.

Latest added attractions aside those from the previously covered ones:

  • Dont think this one’s new, but since it wasn’t covered from the previous update, here it is: Cosplay competition! (who didnt see that coming a mile away? :P) 2PM – 3PM on 23rd of November, and it looks like it’ll be a 2 person minimum cosplaying group competition! Let’s not forget that AFA’08 is also FREE entry for those who are cosplaying. Unfortunately it mentioned that you have to register as a cosplayer before 7th of November. So tough luck to those who missed it >_<
  • Arcade Showdown competition! Now this one’s pretty interesting, planned for both days (22 and 23 of November) of AFA’08, featuring prize money of 500SGD + 800SGD worth of products for the first place, for THREE types of games – Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, The King of Fighters 98. Truly a must for any hardcore arcade fans, dont miss out on the registration as it is closing on the 18th of November.
  • Shonen Jump World tour! (omg!) To quote: “As part of its 40th anniversary world exhibition tour, AFA08 has been selected to present this exclusive showcase in its final tour destination in Asia, having exhibited in countries such as France, Germany and the USA.” Just, simply amazing, shonen jump world tour destination at AFA’08, in a country just beside mine. To those who are unfamiliar with shonen jump, they are a weekly magazine that hosts/hosted various popular manga series that includes but not limited to: Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, D. Gray-man and many many others.


As it stands now, with Japan’s WonFes canceled, AFA’08 is pretty much the biggest thing this 2008 has to offer, and Singapore, a neighbouring country of mine (Malaysia) is the host of it. On one hand one would be cursing why isn’t it happening at Malaysia, on the other, being thankful that it is happening at a country just beside, which automatically cuts down a LOT of the traveling expenses as compared to events in Japan or America/Europe.


Thats it for today. I will be heading to ACF’08 held inside Berjaya Times Square located at Bukit Bintang for the cosplay competition and prior to that exchanging some Malaysian Ringgits into Singapore dollars for the coming AFA’08 this coming weekend. So i *MAY* provide a coverage for ACF’08 if its worth the effort 😛 I also have quite a number of blog drafts waiting to be completed such as the anime review that ive been wanting to finish it for a month’s time pending already T_T so definitely stay tuned to DMM 🙂

AFA’08 May’N VIP passes update

Less than 30minutes till’ the final showdown! Will i make it for the final cut of securing my May’N AFA’08 Diamond VIP pass? We shall find out soon enough!

Until then, i will be staying on full alert awaiting for the final judgement, listening to my favorite anime tracks, and even those from the much anticipated “Galactic Fairy” herself.


Stay tuned for an update to see if i get the pass or not! 😀


I dont know what is worse. Trying to order the ticket, or waiting for the confirmation of your order.

Anyways, the order has been made, so… hope for the best now! Anxiety levels at an all time high, with a newly added frustration and rage mixture after having a call from work to head over to open some stupid door, and to top it all off, uncontrollable crankiness from an all night camp out for the ticket. /triestocalmthefuckdown

AFA08 update on May’N concert

Hi again everyone, apologies for the lack of updates to the blog recently. However fear not, for i am bringing you an update (though a tad bit belated, especially if you’ve been following AFA08 news and updates) that would definitely interest you should you be going to see May’N on this coming AFA08 at Singapore.

Mixed feelin- i mean, raged and despair being the major emotion thats being stirred, head over to the AFA08 May’N concert ticketing details page: AFA 08 May’N Ticketing (that includes a short video of her saying hi for you to fa- i mean, drool at)

If its TLDR for you, again, fear not, as i will be providing you with a summary of the update (though you have to excuse my horrible photoshop scribbling out of rage) right here:


Event time/date: Sunday, 23rd November 2008, 7pm
Vip passes: Yes!

Layout of concert:

T&C uptight shit for the event:
– This ticket admits one person to AFA08 for two [2] days – both Saturday 22 November 08 AND Sunday 23 November 08
– This ticket admits one person to designated VIP area for the May’N concert on Sunday 23 November 2008.
– All sales are final and no refunds will be entertained.
– Entry will be refused if tickets have not been purchased from the organizer. <– lolwut pirated tickets?
– The Ticket Holder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual concert, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability. <– soo, if May’N decided to pull an euphemia at us, we’re screwed while shes innocent? lulz
– Singapore law shall govern the sale of all tickets and all Ticket Holders agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.
– Strictly no photography, audio and video recording is allowed during May’n Live Performance. <– So no one to capture that glamorous moment of me shaking hands with May’N should i manage to acquire the diamond VIP pass? NOES! (╬ ಠ益ಠ)
– The organizer’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
– Details mentioned above are confirmed as of now, however the organizers of AFA08 reserve the right to update the situation should there be changes in planning and schedules.


On the bright side guys, the concert ticket for everyone else is still the same AFA08 entrance fee (consider it “free”? lol) , so its not all that bad. As for myself, i will definitely try to get the diamond vip pass to secure an autograph. I mean, i have already gone as far as to buy the original singles from her, might as well go all the way and get the autograph as well 😀

Until then, see you till the next update (i have 2-3 updates drafted, havent finalized them for publishing XD)

AFA 2008 & Macross Frontier CDs bandwagon

If you have been paying attention to recent anime convention scenes, you most likely will come across the announcement of a particular convention being held at Suntec halls 403-404 Singapore this 22-23 November and that is the Anime Festival Asia 2008. Check out the official site:

You must be thinking: “Why this particular convention?” Simple, because the singing voice for the character “Sheryl Nome” – May’N from the anime “Macross Frontier” is coming to Singapore’s AFA08 event! To give you an idea of what this girl can do, i present you 2x youtube poison clips:

Diamond Crevasse, skip the interview until 2:05 if you only want the performance.


Northern Cross, skip the interview/show until 3:40 if you only want the performance.

I am DEFINITELY going to see her, annual leaves approved and what not 😀
We have a Malaysian anime community gathering attendees for the event here, albeit small, but who knows if there are MANY others going but doesnt participate in either one of the groups listed from that list.

Many other notable appearences would be:

  • Mr. Kunio, notable for his mechanical designs for gundam, especially in Gundam Seed Destiny and the latest Gundam 00 animes.
  • Bandai themselves. Which probably doesnt need any introduction.
  • Studio 4C as well, to showcase their latest Genius party works. Further info of Studio 4C can be found here. (do click, you’ll be very surprised! guaranteed)
  • Various major Japanese Figurine companies list as you can see from here. Notable appearence would be: Alter, Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company.
With so many big shots attending, how could you miss this? Are you going to this event? Give a shout out in the comment section if you are! 😀
To show how crazy some of us folks at TFM are, we’ve purchased the Music CDs from Macross Frontier, mainly from Sheryl Nome (May’N), in hopes to get autographs from the “Galactic Fairy” herself 😀
I present you readers, teh lewts:
Thats all for this entry folks, as i am rushing to Valho’s house LOL!
Dont forget to drop by a comment if you are going to AFA08!