Minorin@DaiCon ticketing details

DaiCon’s news page has been updated with some news regarding Minorin’s appearance. Of note is the fact that there are 2 types of tickets you can buy.

AWSM tix, priced at RM250, entitles you to special seats at Minorin’s Q&A, concert, and ONE autograph pass.

ELITE tix, priced at RM150, entitles you to slightly less special seats, and no autograph session. Unless you get lucky lar, with a lucky-draw.

Tickets are going on sale over a 3 day period at OneUtama, from the 1st til 3rd of May. That’s this weekend! Ticket sales are in conjunction with a road show EMiNA is taking part in – OneUtama Haha no Hi (Mother’s Day, not to be confused with ClownFest) event.

Currently, details are scarce. What we do know is that there will be a 2 hour long Q&A session on day 1, and a mini concert on day 2. Whether you will be allowed to ask Minorin to autograph personal items remains unknown.

Both Quazacolt and I will be at OneUtama on Friday, and we will strive to bring you more details ASAP. Until then, I leave you with the TFM motto: BUY FIRST THINK LATER!

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