Miss Chihara Minori’s Q&A

As 6pm rolled around, the much anticipated special guest of DaiCon – Chihara Minori’s Q&A and autograph signing session finally began. Just before that, the DaiCon committee had ushered ticket holders and media people into the stage area, and had been trying to whip the crowd into shouting out ‘Chihara!’ ‘Minori!’ to greet Minorin when she showed up. These efforts kept falling flat halfway through as the crowd ran out of enthusiasm – that was until Minorin showed up, at which point everybody found a renewed surge of energy and wild cheering, as well as the chanting of ‘Minorin!, Minorin!’, set the tone for an amazing Q&A session.

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Daicon 2009 update – Doujin booths, and Chihara Minori ticket online sales

Not one, but TWO updates for the coming Daicon 2009 – Doujin booths registration, and Chihara Minori ticket online sales are now up!

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Daicon 2009 update – Chihara Minori

Here is another update for Daicon 2009, and it will be a pretty BIG one. Assuming you’ve already noticed the title and started going crazy with all the excitement (or in doubt for potential rick roll), yes, this is no April’s fool joke, the dates doesn’t show “1st April” – That’s right, popular Japanese seiyu (voice actor) and singer, Chihara Minori is visiting Malaysia to grace us at Daicon 2009!

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