00 Raiser built

Woah! 2 post in a row?! Thats right this aint no lie! Anyways! During Saturday 07-02-2009, my resistance barrier broke down. The temptation to get Gundam 00, now packaged with 0 Raiser, along with a limited edition Celestial Being gundam base, was just too much for a gundam 00 fan like myself to resist. Truth be told, i have been resisting since the time it was exclusively sold on AFA08, alas, that resistance has all been shattered to bits when i saw 00 Raiser package upclose when i went to Time Machine at Berjaya Times Square to get some paints to repair my Ryougi Shiki figure that I’ve damaged during a photoshoot.

After buying the kit, along with other various items that blew my pocket a whooping MYR600+, i rushed back home, picked up my tools for gunpla building, and then rushed to Aiko’s place as we are having a gathering there. Upon reaching, i did not waste much time, and begin work on 00 Raiser. The entire process started around 10pm, and ended around 3pm the next day. In gundam terms, i simply trans-am my way to build the kit, and after everything is done, i was simply too exhausted and crashed for around 3 hours waking up at around 7pm.

While im no expert gunpla builder, the kit is much easier than my previous Exia/Kyrios, and, i have to say, it turned out AWESOME. And to compliment the awesome 00 Raiser, it was photoshot with my new Canon 450D which i bought for around MYR2700+ late January 2009. The result, i present you:

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