Valentines ronery? Chinese new year photoshoot

About 19 days has passed since valentines, and just a lil’ longer since Chinese new year, but whats DMM without some slowpoke posts right? (right? >_<) In all honesty though, i meant to really post this up much earlier, but a pretty heavy fever got in the way so boohoo on the post. Anyways! Just hopping on the valentines day Ronery bandwagon… so… yeah!!!

Seriously though, what could be better than celebrating Valentines with not just one, but FOUR anime girls eager to give you their presents? Tough one to beat for sure! And that is not all! Counting in mai waifu – Horo, that would be FIVE! Ronery? Five companions dont make a person lonely… maybe.

No seriously, reaping of anime pillow did not occured, and that pretty much sums up my Valentine’s day. Ronery? Maybe. And in case if ur gonna ask, no the pictures arent even snapped on Valentines 😛


The main intention of this post though is to squeeze in something that has almost zero “otaku‘ism” – which is some photo shooting at a Chinese new year celebration at my mother’s company. Why the “randomness” you may ask? Well for one it will be my first event photo shooting with my new Canon 450D DSLR, and another would be fullfilling a minor request from my uncle in Australia as CNY celebration over his place isnt as lively as it is back home in Malaysia.

Gallery right here:
Chinese New year Celebration Gallery

Thoughts for my new Canon 450D DSLR are also included within the gallery page. Please pay it a visit even if it is irrelevant to the blog’s general theme. There are some nice and interesting pictures on the gallaery, and that should be worth it heh heh. Thats it for now, a new post should be coming up soon with my new arrival 😀

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