Comic Fiesta 2008 Updates

Ok to you disappointed readers, first off i apologize for the slowking updates. (especially those that were looking forward to the AFA08 day2/updates) Work + World of warcraft = bad for blogging business LOL XD
Slight announcement: sadly DMM will be on this slowpoke pace until im done with my IRL work project which involved me working until night getting home around  10-11pm or even later. And as mentioned, with WoW new season arena opening up, and the slowpoke fact that im still not a 80 like the rest of the kewl kidz, i gotta put in some extra effort in playing catch up with the damn world. Now, i did mention announcement right? thats right – LookingFor WRITERS/CONTRIBUTORS FOR DMM. there you go. If you are interested in blogging but couldnt be bothered to start your own blog, have a passion for otaku’ism or world of warcraft, or better yet, both, DO send me an email/instant message and see if we can work things out 🙂

Fear not, for i have redemption for my slowpoke sins. As some of you may have guessed, thats right! I got invited to be an affiliated blogger for Comic Fiesta 2008, and got a kewl kidz klub – dubbed: KKK media pass! Awesome…right? RIGHT?!

Honestly speaking though, it really isnt much of an update, more so if you do actually visit CF08 official webby. But hey, copy-pasta news is better than no news at all, right?

So here you are, a FLURRY of copy-pastas.

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AFA’08 Coverage

“Hell, its about time.” <– i know right? lol. Like, it could’ve been out latest tuesday, but nooooo, tmnut screamyx decided to give me a nice surprise buttsecks, and threw me back to the stoneage. So like, i was stuck with some 2KB/sec uploads that constantly time out, and some filtered out 140ish pictures (just the first day – saturday) or so to upload to the server. Like yeah, not gonna happen.

Anyways off with the rage, more AFA08! So, like the usual eager fanboi packing his stuff for the trip, i magically left out my handphone as i left it to charge. And thanks to some crappy accident, or more specifically, THANK YOU MALAYSIANS for raping the traffic by slowing/stopping down their god damned cars to watch the scene, i never got to turn back to grab it.

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