AFA’08 Coverage

“Hell, its about time.” <– i know right? lol. Like, it could’ve been out latest tuesday, but nooooo, tmnut screamyx decided to give me a nice surprise buttsecks, and threw me back to the stoneage. So like, i was stuck with some 2KB/sec uploads that constantly time out, and some filtered out 140ish pictures (just the first day – saturday) or so to upload to the server. Like yeah, not gonna happen.

Anyways off with the rage, more AFA08! So, like the usual eager fanboi packing his stuff for the trip, i magically left out my handphone as i left it to charge. And thanks to some crappy accident, or more specifically, THANK YOU MALAYSIANS for raping the traffic by slowing/stopping down their god damned cars to watch the scene, i never got to turn back to grab it.

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AFA 2008 & Macross Frontier CDs bandwagon

If you have been paying attention to recent anime convention scenes, you most likely will come across the announcement of a particular convention being held at Suntec halls 403-404 Singapore this 22-23 November and that is the Anime Festival Asia 2008. Check out the official site:

You must be thinking: “Why this particular convention?” Simple, because the singing voice for the character “Sheryl Nome” – May’N from the anime “Macross Frontier” is coming to Singapore’s AFA08 event! To give you an idea of what this girl can do, i present you 2x youtube poison clips:

Diamond Crevasse, skip the interview until 2:05 if you only want the performance.


Northern Cross, skip the interview/show until 3:40 if you only want the performance.

I am DEFINITELY going to see her, annual leaves approved and what not 😀
We have a Malaysian anime community gathering attendees for the event here, albeit small, but who knows if there are MANY others going but doesnt participate in either one of the groups listed from that list.

Many other notable appearences would be:

  • Mr. Kunio, notable for his mechanical designs for gundam, especially in Gundam Seed Destiny and the latest Gundam 00 animes.
  • Bandai themselves. Which probably doesnt need any introduction.
  • Studio 4C as well, to showcase their latest Genius party works. Further info of Studio 4C can be found here. (do click, you’ll be very surprised! guaranteed)
  • Various major Japanese Figurine companies list as you can see from here. Notable appearence would be: Alter, Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company.
With so many big shots attending, how could you miss this? Are you going to this event? Give a shout out in the comment section if you are! 😀
To show how crazy some of us folks at TFM are, we’ve purchased the Music CDs from Macross Frontier, mainly from Sheryl Nome (May’N), in hopes to get autographs from the “Galactic Fairy” herself 😀
I present you readers, teh lewts:
Thats all for this entry folks, as i am rushing to Valho’s house LOL!
Dont forget to drop by a comment if you are going to AFA08!