Quazacolt’s room update

It’s been a while since the previous room post on this very site here, and the ones from Danny Choo’s Figure.fm: room, workspace, video tour. So what got me to posting this up if you may wonder? That would be this: http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/25940/Another+300+USD+Giveaway+Rooms.html

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WoW ESL European regional finals! my own WoW update

Heres a much delayed highlight (not that its already overdone by Gameriot Bloggers -_-;) of  2009 World of Warcraft Electronic Sports League European regional finals highlights from DMM. Dont think im gonna put up much write up on this as you’re better off checking out Gameriot blog itself, so with that said, i present you the youtube for the (pretty much) best pro-arena moments in WoW EVER:

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Quazacolt’s room

“FINAL EFFINLY” is what been goin on ur mind when you see this blog title? I hope the wait wasnt too long for this “repost” (i seriously posted my room pictures a couple of times before i swear lol), or more technically an update to it 🙂

The pictures are actually taken a few days ago from this blog post, but not much had been changed since anyways. One thing to note is that i will not be having full resolution pictures for this. “Why?” you ask? Simple, shit pics, are shit. I seriously dont have the patience to snap down my room with a proper capture using tripod and what not. Even more so with the detolf as i either get noise, or flash, and ruin the damn picture since the glass cabinet would wildly reflect the camera’s flash light.

Ill keep this short (lol its 2:30AM anyways when im writing this) especially for you impatient ones. Holla to the TFM folks and again, apologies for delaying this longer than it should 😛
Without further delays, i present you, my room: 


Yoko poster given to me by Sichiri (thanks again ^^)
Figured id at least take a snap at this too, ok ok my room, right!

On the slight left mid ish side, you can see my Detolf glass cabinet from Ikea, and on top of it, stack of gundam plastic model boxes along with Yoko and Enma Ai boxes 🙂
Within the cabinet, would be housing my various gundam plastic models and japanese anime figurines and to its left would be my mirror i do my sexy pose with. (ok lol maybe not)
Mid-bottom would be the table i work with my gundam plastic model, and yeah thats Dynames 😛
And on the center of the picture… yeap, you guessed it, my pc, where i write this blog with. Its open as i was installing the 8800 ultraSC graphic card that came back from RMA from EVGA USA. On its table, you can also spot the ever-so-moe Yami-chan~* thats also featured on this blog’s header image 🙂

And lets not forget my Lightbox Studio! ( where the photos of Lala were taken) 😀

You can see some batteries, and those damn expensive rechargebles GP 2700 series along with its pretty cool looking charger (hidden behind the lamp lol). Also some tack-it, and shit tripod that came for free with my Canon Powershot A530.

Over this side, you can see the new non-shitty tripod i bought, kept inside its carrying bag.

And heres my bed XD