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Daicon 2009, another ACG (AnimeComicGames) event happening at MMU Cyberjaya, Malaysia. This time around this seems a lot more promising with it being handled by Kurogane, also a fellow /AS/ member, and from the looks of it, outside the lack of big budget against events such as the previous AFA08, this one seems to be up for the best event of 2009. As such, i have also applied to being an Affiliated blogger for this event, and with this, expect coming updates for Daicon 2009 along with coverage of it when the time has come.

To start off:


What is DaiCon?

Discover the best and greatest of Japanese modern visual culture through DaiCon! Start here if you don’t know what this whole event is about. 

Just for the record, no, this not a vegetable convention.

From LYN thread:
DaiCon is EMiNA’s major ACG event for this year, focusing on all aspects of Japanese Modern Visual Culture from anime, manga, games, J-Pop, J-Rock, cosplay, figurines, doujinshi and much much more. We aim to cater to everyone with an interest in Japanese modern visual culture, so there will be something for everyone, from the cosplayers and doujin artists down to the casual gamers and J-drama fans.


Date: 11-12th of July 2009

Venue: Grand Hall, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya


Directions on how to get to Daicon when the time comes:

Highlights of Daicon:


Cosplay Competition http://www.daiconnews.com/c_cosplay.php
Karaoke Competition http://www.daiconnews.com/c_karaoke.php
Figurine Exhibition (by The Figure Mallhttp://www.daiconnews.com/e_figurine.php
Macross Exhibition http://www.daiconnews.com/e_macross.php
GO adventure (by Persatuan Weiqi Malaysia) http://www.daiconnews.com/e_go.php

… and more to come!!! 

Do take note that the cosplay and karaoke competition registrations are ALREADY UP. Just visit their respective pages linked above 🙂

Questions about DaiCon? 

Visit the official DaiCon website at http://www.daiconnews.com where the latest updates about DaiCon will be posted! Feel free to email the DaiCon 2009 committees at the official DaiCon email address at [email protected] for any general inquiries about the event.

Join the Daicon Facebook group or add DaiCon to your Facebook’s event calender!


With all the info provided thus far, i do believe it’ll be a very promising event, with or without Japanese celeb invitations. Although if we can somehow get someone from Japan to grace us would be most welcoming.


Anyways, this end the first Daicon news and updates. Should there be more updates, i will be posting here as agreed upon becoming an affiliated blogger 😛
Hope to see you guys too during July for this awsm event, and lets not forget to go lulz (or shocked at some hidden talents emerging) at the karaoke competition /gg

Author: Quazacolt

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6 thoughts on “Daicon 2009”

  1. @Razrig: eh where you live anyway? so long you’re still in Malaysia, its still worth the trip IMO. because AFAIK (Don’t hold your breath on this :P) Daicon is trying to get some Japanese celebrity over. Nothing is final, but the attempt is there. If they do manage to get it (like how GACC did), it will be one hell of an event worth coming for 😀


  2. @Razrig: Ah i see. thats a pity then. Well despair not! for TFM will also have their exhibition at GACC (i believe you’re referring to this? as ACGC 2009 was held on March :P) and most definitely i will attend it.


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