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Happy new year 2009 to everyone from DMM! And since it is the year of the cow/moo/ox/things that gives milk, i hereby present you a random cowgirl image! Hope you guys enjoy that haha. Many things happened in 2008, namely the creation of this blog? LOL! Ive thought of providing some highlights of anime and what not, but thats pretty much covered by many many other blogs, so didnt feel like the right thing to do at the moment, especially with so many blog drafts to clear. (like the AFA/CF ones lol) MAYBE id do it sometime later but most likely not as by the time i got around it, it’d be meaningless 😛

If you still would rather read up on those right NOW though, you can check out these 2 posts from wakarimasenlol and atarashi prelude from linkinstreet/shin respectively:


Moving on! Year 2008 ended in a big bang with the epic Ayaroll’d that I’ve so happen to participated in XD Pretty much left Malaysia in a bit of a spotlight attention thanks to Sankaku Complex.  Good or bad attention, now thats another story, as they say in showbiz, any PR is good PR 😛

For more info/recaps on the epic that is Ayaroll, refer below links:


Got myself some Spice & Wolf Horo artbook, and a Haruhi artbook in hopes for Hiranomon Aya signature. While im a bit sour for the $$ pocket bleed, i had LOADS of fun on the hunt itself with the TFM/AS members on TFM chat room, and LYN /AS/ thread. Even bumped into some /AS/ folks at Kinokuniya bookstore. So much thanks to Aya Hirano for ending my year 2008 in a very memorable way 🙂

Also just recently i bought a bottle of Nippon Ringowork apple juice from Isetan KLCC. Im sure Horo would love it and i have plans for this beautiful bottle. (Honest to god i seriously bought this apple juice cuz of the bottle. Hail Japanese poisons)

Check out the above items’ gallery below:

High Quality Full resolutions, click the spoiler for them:






Earlier Christmas i even celebrated christmas with TFM folks at Aiko‘s house at PTJ. Far, i know, but the cake was not a lie so it was worth it. Maybe…


Even earlier, i had my 2nd Yami shipped… along with MAI WAIFU – HORO PILLOW COVER XD

Shes like… so very soft, and fluffy, and very good to hug with. In fact, after bringing my pillow to the gathering at aiko’s place, i instantly poisoned Aiko and Loonsave into getting their own Anime pillow. Great success? Id say so myself.


Last but not least, I got my new blog cards printed! They get some minor touch up with some minor changes here and there. Overall they will look *slightly* better and people get to know my IRL name in case they somehow feel uncomfortable addressing me by my online nick XD
Not putting them up this time around as im rather lazy and there isnt that much of a change since the last one honestly. If for SOME reason you think im wimping out from my RL name being posted, all you need is a whois to my domain and thats it.  You can refer to my previous post for the card pictures here: https://www.quazacolt.com/events/2008/11/acf08-coverage/


Considering the lateness of this post into 2009, i have to mention this rather epic and misfortunate happening to jolt up my year 2009. On 05-06-2009 night, i was very tired for having almost no sleep from Sunday. While hugging my Horo pillow, i just fell asleep around 11pm-12am ish. It was very early considering my usual sleep times and with that, i woke up to a very pleasant morning considering the hours ive slept through.  On 06-01-2009 morning, after i parked my car at the Kepong KTM train station, while on my way to the station itself, i encounter some 2 indians (IN B4 RACIST) and an indian lady crying and begging them. There was quite a crowd of almost 10 people watching the show so i thought it was your usual “house drama” and decided to ignore and just move on. Before i even know it, there was a maschete thats at arm’s length and also rusted, pointed to my arm and one of the indian demanded my money and belongings/handphone.

At that moment, that pleasant morning was totally shattered and “o shi-” + “FUCK!” was all that was in my head. Thankfully im pretty much a poor person (no seriously, lol), and only had like 50+MYR on me, with me showing the robber my wallet (the one i used since primary school, like over 12-13 years ago? lol) is completely empty and im still using a Nokia 3310 handphone and upon taking that out, the robber got totally uninterested and just took my cash, leaving me unharmed.

After leaving the scene i tried to call 999 (our police hotline) with my handphone and i get “the number is not in service” crap. like, lol. So i end up going to Kepong Police station to make a report and upon reporting, then they started sending out patrols. Like seriously, at that time, i think the robbers are prolly in their homes or something lol’ing over the EZ cash, or perhaps hating me for being such a piss poor victim. I mean, with so many bystanders watching the show, with some even within the safety of their own homes (as that alley is between 2 rows of houses), considering the number, versus just 2 robbers, not only they did not help, they didnt even pick up the phone to make a police report? Fantastic! I hope the robbers next target would be those faggots right in their own homes.


Ending this, as usual, doing my best to get the pics out, so stay tuned for them 🙂
Many thanks to those who continue to stick with DMM ^^


– Fixed wrong link on Aiko’s blog (lol sorry aiko XD)
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– Havent really ran through QC passes on this posts so if you found any errors dont hesitate to let me know via commenting or IM/emailing me.

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  1. happy belated new year to you too ^^
    and yeah no worries, very understandable as my site is in Denmark after all and as mentioned on previous post, the connectivity to Europe was pretty bad D:

    thankfully everything’s all fine now 😀
    btw, you shopped marina? or setsuna/others did it? forgot to ask 😛


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