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Recently there has been quite frequent drops of connection to my server due to a poor quality router provided by my ISP. Today I got a call back from one of their technicians who told me that if I wanted to attach my own router, they would reload my connection to allow it to access their systems.

Well, it worked instantly and the connection was faster and more responsive than ever, but it caused my IP address to change so the DNS had to be changed, causing a bit of delay for this site to be available. I pointed ports to my new server and had to leave for work. Sadly I was in too much of a hurry as I failed to notice the ports were also routed to my old server, so some of you may have gotten a weird login page.

Anyway, quick fix once I got home and all runs smoothly and this router is rock solid and doesn’t crash every day 🙂 Hope it gives a better experience on this site.

5 thoughts on “Server connection stability”

  1. Well, it looks like everything is running much smoother now and I haven’t seen a single dropped connection since I replaced the router, so great success on that one. Yay.


  2. Just a quick follow-up on the connection stability after two weeks. According to a monitoring software I set up to check the connection against random host from a list of servers on the Internet every 5 seconds, only once has the connection had a hick-up of less than 30 seconds duration, which may as well have been caused by the server on which I ran the software.

    The router is running perfectly stable and isn’t even near 5% load even with Firewall and Quality-of-Service rules in effect. Bandwidth is practically only used by seeding torrents and weekly remote backups, so there should be about 15 megabit/sec available at most times.


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