Server moving, appreciation to Aphexdk

As you guys can see from the post title, Death Meets Moe is finally moving the Server to paid hosting. During the migration starting now until the weekend, you may experience 1-2 days (max) of downtime, and the entire migration should be complete by this weekend first week of July, just a week before Daicon 2009. I’ll keep this short as I’m trying to make sure this posts makes it before end of June and I would actually maintain 3 posts/month and not slipping any lower than that >_<

What to expect from DMM in the future after the migration:

– More posts, and faster ones.
– MUCH speedier server
– Almost ZERO downtime (hey, that’s what the damn advertisement says)

Lastly, a BIG ‘Thank You’ towards Aphexdk aka Jesper (He posted some server news before XD). He is the person behind Death Meets Moe, from the server that is hosting it, to the initial WordPress installation and many MANY fixing and editing of various stuffs on the site. Without him, there wouldn’t be Death Meets Moe. So again, much thanks to everything that you’ve done for the site 🙂

Don’t worry though, he will still be around. And I’ll probably still bug him for various issues XD
That means the site will still go on without much troubles (hopefully, lol).

Author: Quazacolt

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4 thoughts on “Server moving, appreciation to Aphexdk”

  1. Just wanted to say that you are very welcome. I think you’ll be very pleased with a proper webhost for uptime and performance. The transatlantic cables seem to be heavily loaded causing slow speeds and long pings to Europe, so a US host should speed things up considerably. Also, using my leftovers from computer upgrades for my server doesn’t exactly make it the fastest in the world 🙂

    I think we should be able to make the transition to the new host in much less than a full day and I’ll be happy to help make the switch as seamless as possible.


  2. Speed for the most part is ok, although my fellow Malaysian visitors are constantly complaining LOL
    Well, within a week’s time, that should be the past now. (good bye evil downtimes, i wont miss you!)

    I’ll try my best on my side too to ensure this gets done ASAP ^^


  3. Death Meets Moe Is going to be down? What am I suposed to do now Quazacolt, play World of Warcraft Instead? Screw that 🙁

    On a serious note, PLEASE do post more when this gets done!


  4. @Zalinski: “you may experience 1-2 days (max) of downtime” <-- possibility only, we will try to make this as seamless as possible 😛 and yes, will post more haha XD definitely will work on that. still trying to get guest writers and such too to fill up the content gaps ^^


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