Server downtime, belated welcome to JCdish

Some updates on what happened previously with the 2ish days outage, started somewhere around 4th of May. To put it simply, server went down. Cause was still unknown at the moment though my friend is suspecting HDD going bad. Rest assured things are backed up and restoration shouldn’t be a problem should a HDD death occur.

Some of you guys may also noticed that during the whole incident, stat press plug-in database went nuts and shows that the site started on the year 1999 with no statistics of unique visitors/total unique visitors. That got fixed pretty quick and nothing much was loss, just a day ish worth of traffic untracked after the site got back up.

Just a head up, Death Meets Moe will be moving to a new paid hosting server within May or possibly June (financial issues, hopefully i can still make it on May) and transition should be seamless but if things went wrong, at least you’ll know what’s going on 🙂


Lastly, a very belated welcome to JCdish for guest blogging DMM. Some of you guys may have already visited his blog @ if not do pay a visit as it provides good coverage on the current ongoing anime titles. You guys probably also noticed that he have already started posting for DMM (in fact, 2 of the last posts were by him) hence the belated part.

He will be covering Daicon 2009 mainly as I’ve invited him to join me on my media pass. Also according to his post from here, there may be a history of TFM write up, so you guys may look forward to that 🙂

Again, do give a warm welcome for JCDish, as he’ll be able to cover up on my slowness and fill in the much needed gaps. Hell, April’s posting made a huge leap as opposed to year 2009 January – March and jc definitely played a role in it heh heh.

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