Server is back up!

Due to some error from my ISP, my Internet connection was down from friday afternoon (local time, GMT+1) until I could get a hold of their support this morning. Apparently they had done something to their DHCP server, so some customers weren’t able to renew the IP lease. I have static IP, but it still has to verify every two days which it couldn’t, so it assigned a null address and all connectivity was lost.

Upgrading to a higher Service Level Agreement requires to upgrade to an enterprise connection at huge expense just to get support during weekends, so I think I’ll pass on that option. I guess hosting on consumer connections just has to come with some downtime.

So yeah… all is good again and I can catch up on my podcasts and TV shows I haven’t been able to download during the weekend. And Quazacolt can post on his blog again as well as finally upgrade to WordPress 2.7 🙂


edit from Quazacolt: added pic to make it look a bit prettier…i mean, its Murasaki! <3 STAY AWAY CHRIS HANSEN and omg on the AFA/CF updates to be done. Like, yeah this blog is in like forever busy mode, could really use some help/writer if anyone’s interested XD

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