Quazacolt’s room update

It’s been a while since the previous room post on this very site here, and the ones from Danny Choo’s Figure.fm: room, workspace, video tour. So what got me to posting this up if you may wonder? That would be this: http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/25940/Another+300+USD+Giveaway+Rooms.html

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Comic Fiesta 2010 updates

Just a few more days away till Comic Fiesta 2010, and here i bring you (yet another slowpoke update, lol) one final update (i hope! lol) for Comic Fiesta 2010. And just in case: it’s at Berjaya Times Square Hotel’s Manhattan Ballroom this time instead of Sunway convention center from previous year(s). Anyways on with the updates shall we?

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Comic Fiesta 2010 Aims To Reward Visitors and Challenge Perceptions

It has been a very long while since i’ve posted, to be more specific, some 4+ months long. Yeah, thats what things like Starcraft 2, AFA X (lol post fukken where?), and downright laziness would get you. Anyways as you can see from the title, yes, i’m going to Comic Fiesta 2010, so to those wondering, hope this answers you 😛 Moving on to the official stuffs:

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Goodbye World of Warcraft, Hello Starcraft II

It’s 27th July for Malaysia, and guess what, its Starcraft 2’s release date!!! And yeah, as the title shown; This is my farewell post to World of Warcraft, and a Welcoming new dawn of Starcraft 2. I have been wanting to post this like ages ago, especially if you can see the date of my World of Warcraft subscription expiry:

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