Star Trek 2009 Review

A while ago I’ve mentioned about this Star Trek movie bloggers gathering, well I’ve went and watched Star Trek movie for yet another time with my family during Mother’s day, and boy it was still as enjoyable as it was during the early screening.

Anyways the movie was released on 8th May, and (in before slowpoke) by now i would assume a huge majority already watched it, so this post may contain spoilers so if you have yet to watch this movie, and are very sensitive with spoilers, i would suggest to read no further and do yourself a favor by watching this epic sci-fi first 🙂

Before i start, you may want to check out JCdish’s review right here:


So normally, in any typical sci-fi movie, the story would slowly build up, as well as the action it provides, and the best are usually saved for the very last. Star Trek sorta took a rather non-typical approach by tossing EPIC straight to your face right from the start! Before the movie title and logo even shows up, you were given an epic battle scene of the USS Kelvin warding off the colossus warship from Romulon with Nero as their Captain. A thing to note that since the movie is releasing on Mother day’s weekend, i believe it was almost the perfect movie for it as it portrays how great our parents and particularly mothers can be as the battle rages on with our soon-to-be Captain James T. Kirk’s mother (played by Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk) giving birth to our captain.

One thing to note is that this is sort of a remake from the original Star Trek movie, so Hardcore fans may be hating this new Star Trek, as it is very different than the original. That said, they had some really good “explanations” as to how they are able to pull this off, so w/e bias you may have as a hardcore Trek’er, at least give it a shot. You may even consider this not your usual Star Trek and simply call it “Action Trek” ^^

Generally the pace of the storyline is pretty even, nothing too fast or too slow, a pretty good balance i would say. It starts off introducing the main crews of the ship, had their encounter with Nero, and eventually wrapping off the “introductions” by having Scotty on board 🙂

The actors in the movie are well in-character, with each characters having REALLY distinct personalities and humor tied with them. Kirk tends to be the idiot like ladies men joker, with Spock being the intelligent guy, while packing a lot of sarcasm and humor. Chekov was a “natural” lol everytime he speaks with his thick accent, sadly, it didnt quite kept up as the story gotten more serious later on. Similiarly, Scotty had this really thick scottish (corrected, thanks aka for pointing it out ^^) accent as well and he played it really well by keeping the audience entertained even to the very end 🙂

Visuals from this movie will definitely be stunning as it is a recent movie, that, and JJ Abrams/Roger Guyett had a really good idea on what to present to us that is both stunning, and new. A perfect example would be the rather “different slow-motion” (to portray the ‘stillness’ in space)  thats completely muted being shown a couple of times especially during the downfall of the USS Kelvin right at the start. It was totally breathtaking while experiencing it, and at the same time, being something thats rather new for the audience.

The musical score was also very well done and it kept the movie pacing really good, especially the epic moments. much props to Michael Giacchino. I just cant seem to find words to describe the epicness it brings, so the best you can get is by going to their official website linked at the end of this post.

Now to the ending. Many including myself wasn’t quite satisfied with the ending, seeing how the movie was MEANT for EPIC. It could’ve been so much more, but it didnt unfortunately. Despite that, don’t get me wrong, it still ended well, and overall being a pretty damn good movie.

If i were to rate it, id give it somewhere around 8-9 out of 10, with the 1-2 point deducted from the lack of an all-the-way EPIC ending, as well as the storyline being a weee bit bland.

In closing, if you havent watch it already, SERIOUSLY, go WATCH IT. 🙂


Don’t forget to visit the official website:

Loads of media for everyone, including their awesome sound track from the movie.

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13 thoughts on “Star Trek 2009 Review”

  1. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but I disagree with you on the musical score. Now maybe I’m a traditionalist, but the fact they left out a star trek theme anywhere in the movie puts me off. There’s no distinguishable theme to be heard, nothing I can hum on my way home from the theatre. Plus their addition of “modern” music such as Beastie Boys Sabotage, a song from 1994 at this point even for us. I feel like Beastie Boys music is being forced on a lot of things these days… Anyway, it would have been nice if they’d chosen some better music.

    Additionally they managed to fit in some advertising, like Nokia, Budweiser…

    Honestly though, why are there roads 240 years in the future that a 280 year old Corvette can drive on?

    I think I have little problem with the rest of the movie. It was excellent, and I enjoyed it considerably.



  2. @Aka: I did mentioned that original hardcore star trek fans may hate it, so yeah it does cover it. Personally though i don’t mind, probably cuz im not one to dwell on the old originals i guess. (truth be told i wasn’t much of a star trek fan and the original series were BORING LOL)

    all in all i guess on the music part its largely up to personal preferences so i wouldn’t take it too seriously.

    The nokia part gave me a slight giggle, the classic nokia tone and all XD
    Didnt quite notice the budweiser ad though >_< as for the road... im gonna go ahead and say "for the lulz" or "ITS BECAUSE JAMES T KIRK IS A GREAT MAN (boy lulz)"


  3. havent watch it~~~~ the movie here are quite late~~~ even if it come out, i wont be watching it here (free seating, An aed 30.00 per ticket = +RM30.00). Havent watch star trek for a long time~~~

    Razrig’s last blog post…Random Photo post~~


  4. Well it’s obvious you aren’t a hardcore, or even casual trekky. You though Scotty was Irish! lol

    Budweiser thing, I think Kirk asked for a Budweiser at the bar or something. It was like a “Budweiser classic” I think.


  5. @Razrig: heh try to get the opportunity to, it’ll be worth it ^^

    @Aka: hehe yeah, obviously! 😉
    ohhhh that. totally didnt notice it XD

    i blame uhura lol


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